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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Picks for Draft Street 12/14/13

I hope you took some of DFSR’s recommendations last night because dudes paid off. Take a look back at our picks for Friday night’s games. It was a nice run.

Eight games on the docket tonight and remember, we are looking for the midrange value plays in these picks.

Like I said yesterday, and will say going forward, anyone playing Philly is worth a look. Tomorrow feel free to hone in on Damian Lillard $13,929 - Nic Batum $13,430 - Wesley Matthews $10,008 - Robin Lopez $12,722 and even a big ticket Lamarcus Aldridge $21,493. If you feel like fading a blowout, there is a real possibility of  getting all five of these guys in.


Jeff Teague $12,943 - Here is a vexing guy to run out there in daily games. When he has it, he pays going away. When he doesn’t? It’s fairly brutal. But since Kyle Lowry hasn’t been traded to the Knicks yet, Teague gets to face Pablo Prigioni and Beno Udrih and all of their foreign-ness. Beyond the Blazer crew, Teague is a must start at this price. (Recap: 7 FPPs *oof*)

Gerald Henderson $10,430 - Along with targeting Philly’s swiss cheese defense, the Lakers also provide a prime matchup. They love to get up and down the court and play no D. Henderson isn’t a sexy play (or a sexy man really) but he is consistent and gets his looks. He’s coming off a horrible shooting night in which he still put up 18 FPPs. He’ll easily cover against the Lakers. (Recap: 22.5 FPPs $$)

Keep an eye on Kyle Korver $10,337 - Jamal Crawford $8,861

Avoid Kyrie Irving $15,098 - Kyle Lowry $15,111


Blake Griffin $15,553 - If you don’t start Blake today then there’s something very wrong with you. No seriously, get checked out or head over to WebMd and search: “I didn’t start a guy who averages a 20/10 against a Wiz team with no interior defense.” I mean WebMd will probably diagnose you with some terminal illness, but really there’s just something wrong with your brain. Griffin is the play of the day. (Recap: 34.25 FPPs $$)

Shawn Marion $9,491 - Marion is one of those guys I look at almost every night as a value play. Granted I usually talk myself out of him for one reason or another, but I do look. I sure do look. Tonight he faces a Buck defense against SF that closely resembles my wife’s immune system. Read: not good. (Recap: 28.5 FPPs $$$)

Keep an eye on Kawhi Leonard $10,027 - Dejuan Blair $9,978

Avoid Paul Millsap $17,684 - Tim Duncan $16,387


Andrea Bargnani $9,049 - He can't play defense. He's not a good rebounder. He looks like he's running through quicksand when he's on the court. But he can hit a three or two, and has the ability to put up big fantasy nights against the right opponent. Bargnani's been running horrible from the field over his last few games, but he got off the schnide last night against Boston. Atlanta doesn't defend centers well either and I think old Andrea is great value for this price. Just don't watch him play. It's brutal. (Recap: 32FPPs $$$)

Keep an eye on Chris Bosh $10,617

Avoid Joakim Noah $14,322

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