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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Picks for Fan Duel 12/14/13

I’m a fan of Fan Duel because it makes the distinction among all of the different positions. I think this allows for tremendous value plays because finding the right mix and match isn’t always the easiest process. Luckily, we’re here to provide solid starts at every position. Let’s take a look at some picks for this Saturday.

Watch for the blowout but, as always, the whoever is up against the Sixers should be in your lineup. Today that means Damian Lillard $8,000 - Nic Batum $7,300 - Robin Lopez $5,700, Wesley Matthews $6,000 and Lamarcus Aldridge $9,600 are in play.

Remember, we are looking for a little more than 4X dollar value from each player on Fan Duel. It’s not an exact science but a good place to start.

Point Guard

Jeff Teague $7,100 - I like him on Draft Street and on Fan Duel today as well. He has a tendency to be hit or miss, not offering quite the level of consistency I favor in cash games, but his price is right today against the Knicks in the old Garden. This won’t be the fastest game in the world, and the o/u is in the 190’s so don’t look for an up and down game. That being said, Prigioni and Udrih aren’t exactly defensive stalwarts. Teague pays. (Recap: No he didn't. He didn't at all. 9FPPs. Laid an egg.)

Keep an eye on Kemba Walker $7,700

Avoid Kyrie Irving $7,800

Shooting Guard

Gerald Henderson $6,200 - He’s another guy who’s price is favorable across multiple sites. That’s what happen when you play the Lakers. Did you see them “defend” the Thunder last night? Me neither. That’s because they didn’t. It looked like the Thunder B team could have run Kobe and crew out of the gym. Look for Henderson to get plenty of looks, and if his shot’s falling he pays this going away. (Recap: 26.2 FPPs $$)

Keep an eye on O.J. Mayo $5,200 (yes, that O.J. Mayo)

Avoid Gordon Hayward $7,000

Small Forward

Shawn Marion $5,500 - Picks don’t always line up so cleanly across sites, but today they seem to. Marion is a great play pretty much everywhere today and you should get him, and his shotput style shooting into you’re lineup. Especially because word just came out that Dirk missed shootaround today. That should mean more opportunities for Marion. (Recap: 31.9 FPPs $$$)

Keep an eye on Khris Middleton $4,600 and Kawhi Leonard $6,000

Avoid Martell Webster $5,900 and Trevor Ariza $7,400

Power Forward

Josh McRoberts $5,300 - If you thought the Lakers couldn’t defend the SF position, then you’ll really want to target PF’s against that crew. My fifth grade CYO team could body up more than the yellow and purple (we were a stacked bunch, rolling 4’11, 5’1, 5’3 across the back line). McBob is a great play today and has been consistent when on the court. I love the matchup. (Recap 26.5 FPPs $$)

Keep an eye on Andrea Bargnani $5,900 and watch injury updates for Dirk $7,900

Avoid Jordan Hill $5,600 and Paul Millsap $8,100


Marcin Gortat $7,300 -  There is a lot of upside at center today, but most of it comes with risk. Dejuan Blair has a great matchup, but his minutes are an issue. (Though if Dirk doesn’t play, he becomes almost a must play.) Spencer Hawes has a nice price, but there’s blowout risk. Tyson Chandler still has a broken leg. And so on. Gortat seems super safe with the matchup against Clips. Brook Lopez was well on his way to a huge game against Deandre Jordan and company the other night before tweaking his ankle. Look for the Wizards to run the ball inside to Marcin a ton tonight. (Recap 16.9 FPPs $)

Keep an eye on Al Jefferson $8,000

Avoid Al Horford $7,800

Good luck tonight!

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