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Doug Norrie

A fair amount of our Draft Street picks also work for Fan Duel. Rather than recap the “why’s”, just head back over to those picks for why Deron Williams, Jeff Teague, Paul George and Spencer Hawes are all strong plays today. In here, we’ll focus on bargains specific to Fan Duel in addition to the above-mentioned ballas.


Point Guard

Tony Wroten $6,300 - The price still hasn’t caught up to the production. Wroten basically pays this number every night and he should again tonight. As long as MCW’s knee contains a deadly infection that could (not saying it will, but definitely could) foretell the zombie apocalypse, Wroten needs to be in your FD lineup. Hell, tonight start the PGs in the Sixers/ Nets game and have a nice little watch. (RECAP: 19.9 FPPs $)

Avoid Tony Parker $6,800 - Ricky Rubio $7,500


Shooting Guard

Look, start Joe Johnson $5,600 (RECAP: 56.9 FPPs, Oh doctor! $$$$$) for all the same reasons as Wroten and Pierce below. How many ways are there to say Philly doesn’t play D? So consider…

Either Kyle Korver $5,200 or Lou Williams $4,400, whoever you think will get more burn. Both these guys can shoot and they play the Lakers with their revolving door of starters. We’re trying to save dollars across the board for a superstar or two. Shooting guard is a position to do so.

 Avoid Lance Stephenson $5,800 - Dwyane Wade $8,100


Small Forward

This position is super top heavy tonight with both Paul George and King James making for enticing plays. I’m a little hesitant about the latter because of the blowout potential over the lowly Jazz. But if you need to go cheap:

Paul Pierce $4,700 - His return from injury coincides with DWill’s and it couldn’t have come soon enough for the Nets fans inching their way to the ledge of their hipster brownstones in Park Slope. (God, even sports-related suicide is probably trendy in Brooklyn) Pierce played decent minutes his last two, and is now coming off the bench as a go-to on the second unit. He’ll face Philly’s second team which is, well, bad. He’s a must start. (RECAP: 18.5 FPPs $$$)

Avoid Josh Smith $7,000 - Jeff Green $6,500


Power Forward

Paul Millsap is about a strong a play as they come tonight and is someone I definitely want in my lineup. But I need to give you a way to make the money work. Look no further than…

Boris Diaw $3,700 - Again, it’s all about stars and scrubs tonight. Diaw is as bargain basement as they come. Spurs minutes are always a little tough to gauge, but Diaw’s been playing 20+ a night and doing a little bit of everything in the stat sheet. The Clips aren’t fantastic against power forwards. I think this pick is about as safe as you can get for this price. (RECAP: 16.4 FPPs $$$)

Avoid Greg Monroe $7,000 Brandon Bass $6,100


Al Horford $7,800 - Notice a theme tonight? If you start all Nets and Hawks with a Sixer or two thrown in you’ll be in good shape. Horford could have a beast of a game versus the Laker interior defense. Don’t be surprised to see him up near the 40’s in fantasy points. Play him without reservation. (RECAP: 39.7 FPPs $$$)

Avoid Marcin Gortat $7,200 - Andre Drummond $7,800

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