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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Picks for Draft Street 12/17/13

A wacky night in the NBA on Monday with a few blowouts, Joe Johnson hitting three pointers like it was his job (it is actually his job), ‘Melo executing one of the worst last second shot sequences of all time, and the Pistons beating the Pacers. Tonight things are a little lighter with only five games on the docket.

The small schedule means you’ll need to pump that value in your Draft Street leagues. Check out how our picks did last night and read below for some of tonight’s better plays.


Damian Lillard $13,955 - Let me start by saying, that it wouldn’t totally shock me if Lillard was the highest scoring guard of the evening behind Steph Curry. I’m not promising it mind you, just saying it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. And he’s the tenth most expensive at the position. This means a “must play”. I put it in quotes so you’d understand its “significance”.  I’m not too concerned about a blowout as the game is in Cleveland and the Cavs have been playing better of late. I like their chances of hanging tough enough for Lillard to go off against Uncle Drew’s “defense”. (RECAP: 53.5 FPPs. That's a booyah!)

 Klay Thompson $12,394 - I’ve got a little Uncanny Valley thing happening when watching Klay play. Something just doesn’t seem right. I can’t put my finger on it, and it doesn’t cause me revulsion (as mentioned in the article), but it’s like when I watch <I>Polar Express</I> with my daughter. Lot of blinking and raised eyebrows. Anyway, start Thompson against Eric Gordon and the Pelicans. They struggle with shooting guards and he will get a ton of looks. When the shot’s falling he pays this price. (RECAP: 19.75 FPPs. Shot wasn't falling.)

Keep an eye on Ty Lawson $14,670 -  Reggie Jackson $10,654

Avoid Isaiah Thomas $16,535 -  Russell Westbrook $18,885


Serge Ibaka $14,245 - You may not have noticed, but Denver really struggles with power forwards. Like really struggles. Like near the bottom in the league against the position. You may also have not noticed that Serge Ibaka is a power forward. That is where these two seemingly separate ideas meet. Look for Ibaka to sweep the glass clean. Fifteen plus rebounds is in play here. (RECAP: 28 FPPs. This one was looking great in the first quarter and then he kind of disappeared.)

Jon Leuer $9,527 - Leuer has played thirty or more minutes in his last three games. Though he’s coming off the bench, his PT and production have been stellar and his price hasn’t caught up quite yet. The Lakers have new interior players every day and none of them can really defend. This is great value on Leuer and I’ll be starting him in every format tonight. (RECAP: 23.25 FPPs. Pays handsomely)

Keep an eye on Josh McRoberts $11,503 -  Jeff Taylor $7,026 - Zach Randolph 14,625

Avoid Lamarcus Aldridge $21,673 -  Denver Forwards


Anderson Varejao $12,822 - Believe me, I’m as surprised as you. Well, not as surprised because I wrote it, but pretty surprised nonetheless. Varejao is as unsexy as they come, both in terms of consistent daily fantasy appeal and the conventional definition of “sexy”. But tonight he has an old school ‘Fro Off* with Robin Lopez and comes out on top. (RECAP: 13.25 FPPs. Woops. He won the Fro Off though)

*For those that don’t know, your standard ‘Fro Off has the two participants square up like a couple of angry moose, and rub their locks together ferociously. It’s fascinating, and I’m excited to see these two Alpha Perms go at it.

Keep an eye on Al Jefferson $14,656

Avoid Pau Gasol $13,824

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Good luck tonight!

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