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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks for Draft Street 12/20/13

I used to love Fridays because it meant new episodes of Full House and Family Matters. It was a chance to catch up with Uncle Jesse's and Steve Urkel's of the world. Now? Fridays mean Daily Fantasy tournaments and full slates of games.

Before getting to the picks, I will say that I like many of the guys going in the Nets/Sixers and TWolves/ Lakers games. But I’m also concerned about epic blowouts in both of these cases. If I put guys from those games in the “Consider” column, assume I think they can absolutely go off, and if you want to fade blowouts, then have at them. I’ll focus primarily on guys from other game unless someone is just too good to pass up. On to the plays. 



Monta Ellis $13,879 - No doubt about it, the Mavs system is working for Ellis. Or Ellis is working in the Mavs system. Or Mark Cuban and Rick Carlisle sat him down and threatened his life unless he started taking better shots. Whatever it is, his FG% is up five percent from last year and he’s putting up big lines almost nightly. Expect it continue tonight against the Raptors. Ellis is a lock for me at this price. (Recap: 40FPPs, Crushed it)

Dwayne Wade $16,263 - The price tag is hefty, and for some reason Wade always scares me a little. I’ve tended to avoid him, even in optimal matchups because of some observation bias (or some flawed, idiotic logic that I employ from time to time). But I’m growing as a person. I’m learning. And Wade has been emphasizing just how wrong I’ve been. His last four games have been monsters and the Kings aren’t exactly known for locking down the other team. Run Wade out there in your lineups. (Recap: 33.75 FPPs, We'll take it)

Giannis Antetokounmpo $10,842 and Brandin Knight $9,870 - I am grouping these dudes together because I want to start whoever the Bucks are starting at guard tonight. It’s always a little tough with this team. They’ve had so many injuries/inconsistency/lack of talent that the lineup’s been a revolving door.  The Cavaliers are near the bottom of the league in defense across the board. Keep an eye on news before the game and start at least one of the Bucks backcourt. (Recap: B Knight 47.5 FPPs, won you money if you started him)

Consider: Kevin Martin $10,662 - Ricky Rubio $13,811

Avoid: Gerald Henderson $11,370 - DeMar DeRozan $14,24 - Kemba Walker $14,755




Xavier Henry $7,765 - Though he’s listed on DS as a forward, Henry will assume the point guard duties now that Black Mamba’s going to be sitting for awhile (again). The Lakers are a mess of injuries and it seems like they have some kind of curse on whoever assumes the point guard duties. Nash, Blake, Farmar and Kobe have all gone down after being assigned to dribble the ball up court.  Henry better watch his back. But even with the blowout consideration, this price is too good to pass up.

Shawn Marion $10,784 - Marion is a guy I look at almost every single night. Typically, he is a salary cap casualty with my lineups, but when he gets the right matchup I can’t ignore him. Tonight against Toronto is just such a night. The Raptors are a team in flux and don’t defend, really any position at all. See: Monta Ellis above. There are a few Mavs to consider tonight, but Ellis and Marion will be heavy plays for me. (Recap: 30.75 FPPs, Ka-Ching)

David West $11,119 - This is my play of the day. West’s price is criminally low for what he could do in his matchup against the Rockets. Houston is about league average against power forwards. His rebounding has dipped the last couple of games, but I like his chances of putting up a strong performance here. The game should be a good one and West pays this number easily. (Recap: 31.75 FPPs, paid big even in a blowout) 

Consider: Evan Turner $12,707 - Kevin Love $22,955 - Corey Brewer $7,492

Avoid: Chandler Parsons $14,470 - Amir Johnson $15,086 - Josh Smith $15,244




Roy Hibbert $12,193 - For me there is Hibbert, a wide gap and then everyone else. I just don’t see getting any other center in there tonight. Though Dwight Howard has a reputation as a defensive stopper, opposing centers/ big men have been putting up double digit rebounds nightly against the Rockets. Hibbert’s struggled his last two games (the last because of some foul trouble) but I love a bounce back tonight and his price is just too low to ignore. Start Hibbert and West tonight and enjoy the watch. (Recap: 19.5 FPPs, Fell short)


Consider: Nikola Pekovic $13,536 Andrew Bynum $8,886

Avoid: Demarcus Cousins $19,949 - Dwight Howard $18,307

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