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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks for Draft Street 12/22/13

Sunday Funday indeed. With only three games on the schedule, you know the DFSR team is excited. We extract the most value when the least amount of games are on the docket. Plus, you know a majority of folks are going to be tilting off their fantasy football losses, or just looking to get some juice going now that the NFL is drawing to a close. Time to take advantage. Take a look back at how we did with yesterday's Draft Street picks.

It's an interesting day, as a number of big money guys have favorable matchups. We are going to need to find ways to get those dollars into the lineup. That's my goal with these picks. I want to specifically find a way to get Kevin Durant and/or Chris Paul into my lineups.


Kyle Lowry $13,350 - This dude is just consistent. Kind of how I towel myself off the same exact way every single time after a shower (face, stomach, face again, shoulders, back, butt, leg, foot, leg, foot, wrap around waist). That level of high quality consistency. That being said, his price has been too high of late for me to get him into lineups. But it's reached a sweet spot tomorrow against OKC. Blowout risk for sure, but if the Raptors can hang even a little I love Lowry in this spot. (RECAP: 45.25 FPPs. Crushed)

Kevin Martin $9,869 - He, like Brewer below, has seen his price drop significantly over the course of  a not-so-great six game stretch. But even with some stinkers in there, and a slight knee injury, this dollar number is way to low to pass up. Just look back at the beginning of this season to see how easily Martin can pay off this price. I'm not positive he will be a popular start tomorrow, but you need to have him in your lineup regardless of format. (RECAP: 22.25 FPPs. We'll take it)

Consider George Hill $9,723

Completely Avoid Russell Westbrook $18,435



Corey Brewer $7,177 - I think you need to role the dice on Brewer today. He's been an atrocity to all things good and holy in the world, shooting 3/24 his last three games. That's an insanely low, and totally unsustainable number. He averages about 30 minutes a night, and there isn't much to suggest that's going to change immediately. If his shot falls even a little bit he pays this price easily, and could be a triple up kind of guy in a game sure to be up and down the court. Both the T-Wolves and the Clips are in the top ten in PACE. Brewer is a start. (RECAP: 4.5 FPPs. He's hit rock bottom)

Flip a coin between Serge Ibaka $12,939 and David West $12,414 - I'm being serious. Take a coin out of your pocket (or if you're super poor/lazy just click here) and make Ibaka-heads, West-tails. Start whoever comes up because I see them as exact equals tonight. If it comes down to dollars, I'd say I slightly favor Ibaka, but you really can't go wrong with either of these guys. Both have risk built into the price, as they tend to disappear at times. But I don't think you really go wrong either way. (RECAP: 20.5 and 16.75 FPPs respectively. Hope your coin landed directly on its edge)

Consider: Blake Griffin 16,968

Avoid: Paul George $17,407 - Jared Sullinger 12,957



DeAndre Jordan $14,637 - There aren't a ton of ways to save money at center tonight so you're kind of stuck in no man's land. While I don't particularly love any of the options, I dislike Jordan the least of all (follow me?). He should pull down his share of boards against a Minnesota team that doesn't guard center well. In what should be an up and down game, Jordan can run the court well, so look for him to pull some cheap points here and there. (RECAP: 26.75 FPPs. Plenty of boards. Not much of anything else)

Consider Roy Hibbert $13,545 - Nikola Pekovic $13,867

Avoid Jonas Valanciunas $12,611

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