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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks for Draft Street and Fan Duel 12/28/13

Welcome to a packed Saturday in the NBA. Yesterday was chocked full of the injury bug. Al Horford tears his boob muscle. Russell Westbrook is out until after the All Star Break. I stubbed my toe getting up to get another slice of pizza. Rough day all around.

We'll take a look at some across-the-board picks and then at site-specific values on the day. Good luck with tonight's games.



At guard today its all about pairing guy up as some backcourts have great matchups. I'm advocating a couple of different strategies depending on format. Each of the pairs runs the risk of blowouts today, so you can group them together and go for extreme upside in GPPs and then in blowouts, choose one to avoid the downside of a minutes reduction. I will be employing something similar across the board. Additionally, each of these pairs could star in their own crime-solving duo television shows.

Goran Dragic DS $13,811 FD $7,200 and Eric Bledsoe DS $15,428 FD $7,400 - On CBS Dragon and the Bled-Show. This pair has ridiculous upside in solving crimes, the problem is, at times they get pulled off the case too early because they're solving it too well. Like what might happen with the defensively deficient Sixers.

James Harden $16,188 $8,800 and Jeremy Lin DS $11,351 FD $5,700 - Linsanity and the Beard on FX. This pair can be frustrating at times, but they tend to solve their crimes individually rather than as a team. Regardless, the job gets done and they provide great value to all those around.

Lance Stephenson DS $14,691 FD $6,600 and George Hill $7,877 $5,300 - Flash and the Pan - HBO. Admittedly, this title needs a little workshopping, but we're under some time constraints. This pair is a bit lopsided in their production and the latter is around much more for his price tag than his actual upside. But I like them both against the Nets, though it could be a rout early.




Jordan Hamilton DS7,585 FD$3,800 - He is completely contingent on Foye no longer starting. Check updates throughout the day, but if Hamilton gets the start again he is a must play on both sites. Last night he went for 12/7/1 at rock bottom prices. If he plays 30+ minutes again he has almost no issue crushing his price tag.

Trevor Ariza DS $12,490 FD $7,000 and Martell Webster $11,662 FD $5,700 - With Bradley Beal going down again last night, Ariza and Webster should both see their value head north as they'll see more touches and opportunities in the Wizards' offense.

Anthony Davis DS $18,239 FD $9,100 - He got in early foul trouble last night and still put up 17/7/4 (blocks) in only 28 minutes. He is a must play at this price against the Rockets interior defense. If the Pelicans keep this game close it's because Davis is dominating inside.



Roy Hibbert DS $11,701 FD $6,400 - No Brook Lopez? No problem. Hibbert's price is low across the board with a favorable matchup against the undersized Nets. He should easily see double-digit rebounds and more than his share of blocks. Watch the blowout (a major theme for today), but I think he's safe at such low prices.


Site Specific Plays


Draft Street

Corey Brewer $4,956 - Wow. I mean he's been bad for sure but he still starts for the Wolves.

David West $11,130 -  Feast or famine

Bulls Forwards - Check who's starting among the Deng/Boozer/Gibson/Dunleavy crowd. They are all strong plays.


Fan Duel

Timofey Mozgov $3,900 - A must start if Faried sits again.

JR Smith $5,400 - Melo didn't travel to Toronto meaning another must start night for JR.

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