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Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks for DraftStreet and FanDuel 12/31/13


As we prepare for 2014, as we usher out the tumultuous year that was 2013, let’s sit back and reflect on the minutia decisions. The Anthony Davis vs Lamarcus Aldridge’s. The Brandon Jennings vs. John Wall’s. You know, those moments that really mattered in this past year. And in doing so, trust that 2014 will be the year you choose correctly. You win the coin flips. You cash and cash big.

But before donning your party hats, cracking your bubbly and watch that sparkly orb slowly descend on to the masses in Time Square, take a moment to get your picks right. Because it’s another day in the NBA and you want to end the year right.

**A little bit of an odd day with games starting and 1PM and lasting throughout the day. Both DraftStreet and FanDuel have early leagues, but FanDuel’s early leagues only account for the 1PM, 3PM and 5PM games with completely separate leagues for the 7PM games. Follow that? I’ll label next to the picks if they are early starts. Assuming early recs are good on DS for the late games as well.




(Early) George Hill DS $9,516 FD $5,500 - I recommended Hill against Brooklyn the other night and boy did he ever pay off, putting up 21/4/4 line. Today he gets Kyrie who is far more concerned with the dribbling, shooting, passing part of the game than slapping the hardwood and d-ing someone up. Hill is far from an offensive dynamo, and can disappear within the Indiana offense at times. But I like the price on both sites today.

(Early) Klay Thompson DS $11,755 FD $6,800 - Here’s a guy I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to catch fire. His stock had been in a fairly steady decline after a stretch of horrendous shooting nights. He’s starting to put it back together now. I like the matchup versus Orlando and think he’ll get some open looks. I’d absolutely love him if his price was <11K or <6.5K but the upside at these prices is definitely there. More of a GPP play than a double up guy, but feel safe running him in both.

(Late) Damian Lillard DS $13,747 FD $8,100 - This price is must start territory on DraftStreet and simply decent value on FanDuel. Honestly, I thought the DS price was a mistake. When salaries went up Lillard was coming off two subpar games (for him). But they were against Miami and the Clippers, two of the best teams in the league at defending the opposing PG. OKC? Not so much. This should be an exciting game. Lillard will be a heavy start, but don’t fade him at this price.

(Late) James Harden DS $15,751 FD $8,200 - I’d almost guarantee this is the lowest price you’ll see on Harden all season. If not, something has gone seriously wrong, like in the universe. Not just in Houston. His last against OKC was a complete blowout, so take that with a grain of salt. He bounces back tonight against the Kings. He, like Lillard, will be a huge percentage start, especially on DS, but get them both in your lineups. Set it and forget it.





(Early) David West DS $11,165 FD $6,600 - I’m always a little skeptical of starting too many (or really any) Pacers because they just seem to blow the doors off everyone and the starters never see their full run of minutes. Or at least West doesn’t. Their last four games have been victories in the double digits and the same might happen today against Cleveland. I think the price on West is fair, and he has a chance of really going off if the game can stay close (unlikely). He’s a big tournament play for me on the upside.

(Early) Andre Iguodala DS $11,929 FD $6200 - Did you grab him when the price was sub 9K on DraftStreet? Me neither, even though I stared at him forever. He was a heavy percentage start the other night, and paid off in a big way. He looks to have his flow back in the offense. I love Iggy in double up formats because he does so many things in the stat sheet, that he can hit his projection in a number of different ways.

(Late) Amir Johnson DS $11,482 FD $6,200 - As long as he’s starting over Psycho T, Amir is worth a look in daily leagues. If the minutes are there, he can produce enough points and rebounds to pay the day. He’s shot significantly less over the last three games and still not put up complete clunkers. You want to grab guys when the price is on the way down and Johnson is an example of that. With a few more looks at the basket (against a weak interior Bulls’ D) he could look like a fantastic play.

(Late) Lamarcus Aldridge DS $18,132 FD $9,900- Pretty much a lock for me on both sites. His production is just so steady and at this price there’s room for fairly significant upside. The Thunder are well below average defending the power forward position and Aldridge should have plenty of opportunities. The only thing that gives me pause (and I’m less worried about Lillard in this respect) is that he’s coming off of heavy minutes last night against New Orleans. If you’re looking to fade him, that’s the reason. I probably won’t but there’s a case to be made.

(Late) Khris Middleton $13,853 FD $5,600 - Speaking of minutes. This guy’s been playing a million of them. He’s getting crazy run for the Bucks and producing across the start sheet. On FanDuel he’s a near lock at this price and getting strong consideration on DS. The Bucks are notorious for screwing around with their lineups and giving no pregame info, but I’m not concerned with Middleton. And all this ignores that he’s playing the Lakers so the game should be high scoring.





(Early) Andrew Bynum $ - Aahhhh, gotcha.

 To be honest. I’m not in love with any of the values at center for the early slate of games. They all come with a certain element of risk. Hibbert and Varejao both are big risks for blowouts. Horford is toast and the Hawks don’t really have a center. Which would be great for Boston, except their center Sullinger is listed as a power forward. That really only leaves Nikola Vucevic DS15,752 and FD $7,500. Expect to see him as an huge start in double ups. I think you can roll the dice on Hibbert or Varejao in big overlays, or just completely punt the position and start someone like Mahinmi in the hopes of a blowout in Indiana.

(Late) Pick your strategy here because for me its choosing between Demarcus Cousins $20,132 $9,800 / Dwight Howard $18,334 FD $8,900 or completely punting with: Kendrick Perkins DS $4,835 FD $3,500. I don’t think I’ll be playing any of the midteir options so it’s just a matter of who fits my squad better. On DS I’m definitely leaning towards sad old Perkins. FD is a little closer. But I suggest taking one of these two routes. The middle is real ugly.


Site Specific Plays




Lamarcus Aldridge DS $17,949 - Love, love, love this price. Expect to see him as a huge start tonight. Do not fade him in double ups. Need to have him in there.




Brandon Knight $6,200 - Switched to PG, but still a nice price for a guy who does a little of everything. He gets a dream matchup against the Lakers.

Reggie Jackson $5,500 - Still starting for Westbrook. Price hasn’t come close to catching up.

Lou williams $5,100 - Should still be starting with Carroll out.

Mirza Teletovic $4,200 - His price is starting to climb, but it still hasn’t met the production here. Not a great matchup, but if you’re bargain hunting, he’s a guy to roll with.



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