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Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks for DraftStreet and FanDuel 1/4/14

Yesterday we split apart FanDuel and DraftStreet recommendations because the prices were fairly divergent. Not today. On this beautiful Saturday for basketball, prices are fairly steady across the board. We have some site-specific picks at the bottom to hone in on particular values, but many of the best picks are consistent between sites. Though FanDuel makes the distinction between individual positions, I see all of these recs as working on DraftStreet as well.

Blanket statement coming: As most people know, any team playing Philadelphia should be targeted in daily fantasy basketball. Tonight it’s the Blazers. That means Lamarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard, Nic Batum and Wesley Matthews are in play (I don’t love Robin Lopez). I probably wouldn’t put more than two (maybe three) of these guys in my lineups at once, and I’d pay extra consideration to a possible blowout. That being said, each of these guys is a top option at their respective positions.

Point Guard


Darren Collison DS $7,536 FD $3,800 - Do you know what a 100% start looks like? You might tonight with Collison. With Chris Paul out a month with a separated shoulder, Collison becomes the starter and must play in every format. Fact of the matter is, Darren basically paid this price as a backup. As a starter? Yikes. Do not fade! I repeat: Do not fade!

Kemba Walker DS $14,275 FD $7,300 - Walker’s price has dropped a bit across the board because his last few games have been subpar. But they’ve only been that way because Charlotte was getting absolutely slaughtered by Portland and the Clips. Don’t let those performance fool you. Walker is a great GPP play today against the Kings. I don’t know if I run him out in too many double ups, but his upside is there.

Michael Carter-Williams FD $15,989 FD $8,800 - Speaking of GPP plays, Mr. MCW is just the kind of high ceiling dude we want to focus on for the right price/ matchup. This is just such a matchup. Portland could boat race them out of the building, but if Philly stays close this is the perfect matchup for MCW. The Blazers allow above league average steals to opposing PGs (guess what’s a big part of Carter-Williams’ skill set?). I love this play at this price in tournaments. You should too.

Reggie Jackson DS $11,419 FD $5,900 - Call this a hunch. The numbers don’t completely back up a Jackson play. His minutes haven’t been there as a starter and the production surely hasn’t matched what I thought would happen when he took over for Westbrook. But I also think others will be staying away from him a bit more than they should. The game against the Wolves should be wide F#$%ing open. I think Jackson has his best game as a starter.


Shooting Guard


Dwyane Wade DS $15,105 FD $8,200 - This pick comes with asterisks. ***<--- (asterisk)  Wade might only play one game this weekend and it might not be this one. If he doesn’t play do not, I repeat, do not put him in your lineup. That will garner you zero points and you will probably lose. If he does play though, this matchup against the Magic and Afflalo/ Oladipo should favor Wade.

Dion Waiters DS 9,810 FD 5,200 - With Irving out again, Waiters should see plenty of shots in the Cavs offense. I like him a bit more on FanDuel because they don’t discount for misses (Waiters likes to chuck, and chuckers miss)

CJ Miles DS $5,521 FD $3,600 - Also benefits from no Kyrie. Pretty much the same writeup as Waiters.


Small Forward


Kevin Durant DS $22,398 FD $11,000 - Now we’re starting to get the real money in. I think tonight you are forced to choose between Durant or Love (see below). The game should be up and down the court. These are the second and fifth rated teams in PACE. Durant and Love stand to see the most gain from this up and down style. I think you will see squads with both of these guys in the lineup. Prepare yourself.

Paul Pierce DS $9,927 FD $5,400 - Watching Pierce play isn’t really that much fun anymore. But seeing his box score at the end of the night isn’t all that bad. Now that he’s in the Nets starting lineup and seeing the minutes, I feel comfy putting him in lineups. He’s cheap across the board and the Cavs couldn’t guard you if you were a small forward.

Demarre Carroll DS $7,934 FD $4,500 - Carroll is back in the Hawks starting lineup and minutes shouldn’t be a concern. He played 31 against the Warriors last night to the tune of 12/7/4 (steals) line. These are bargain basement prices for a starter with some offensive upside.


Power Forward


Kevin Love DS $22,275 FD $11,200 - He is the top play for tonight. As long as Minny keeps it close, Love should post a monster. I just don’t see how OKC counters Love’s inside/ out game. I wouldn’t recommend fading him in this spot, those surely some folks will.

Another warning: these next few guys are a lot less exciting than Love.

David West DS $10,163 FD $6,300 - His price continues to drop and with good reason. The production just hasn’t been there. But West is simply too good to continue getting lost in these Pacer games. Idiotic gambler’s fallacy dictates he’s “due”.

Channing Frye DS $10,018 FD $5,200 - He’s a make-the-money-fit upside guy. Phoenix big men are a tough bunch to predict. And on any given night one of them could post a big line. On DS I like Frye’s price against the Bucks tonight. It’s fine on FD too, though I prefer Plumlee’s (below)




Roy Hibbert DS 12,302 FD $6,100 -  This game could be over early. This is a GPP play only. Hibbert is an up and down (that’s verticality) player. I like him in bigger tourneys for the big game potential when he’s got his block on and is ripping down boards. Take him with caution here.

Spencer Hawes DS $14,880 FD $7,200 - Like Hibbert above, there’s some risk here. Portland could have the starters in the showers early. If not, Hawes has the upper hand (but not hairdo) on Robin Lopez. Center doesn’t have a great deal of safety tonight, so I think you need to roll the dice on one of these guys.

Site Specific Plays




Gerald Henderson $9,874 - below 10K is when I start buying Gerald

Kevin Martin $10,087 - go for broke in this game

George Hill $10,076 - high basement/ low ceiling




Ricky Rubio $7,200 - Oh man, I love this price for him in this game. Could be in for a big line

Miles Plumlee $5,400 - Tons of upside on the right night

Demarcus Cousins $9,700 - If you don’t buy Love/ Durant he’s the next guy to spend big on

Jarrett Jack $4,800 - Almost a must start at this price with Kyrie out


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