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Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks for DraftStreet and FanDuel 1/5/14

Is it a lazy Sunday for you? Waking up in the midafternoon? I sure hope not. The sharks start getting their thoughts in order early and so should you. You have one goal: dominate. And lose a few pounds. That’d be nice too. So two goals. Take a look at some picks to get your head right before tonight’s tipoff.

*While like the following picks across sites, I think FD has some unique ways to save today. Check for those below.


Point Guard


This position is tough today, because you basically need to decide which of these options to choose from and they are all, outside of Marshall, pricey.

Ty Lawson DS $16,484 FD $7900 - If you read this site, you are a confident, handsome and thoughtful person. Congrat. Also, you know a daily fantasy rule of thumb is to start players, especially guards, against the Lakers. The Lakers’ up-and-down, limited defense style is perfect for opponents like Lawson. He’s my top, dollar-for-dollar, guard on the day.

John Wall $19530 $9000 - While I’m much more inclined to start him on FanDuel, I think he’s a safe start on both sites. The Wall vs Curry matchup should be about as fun as basketball gets. If I had to choose between them, I’d probably go Wall, but man it’s close. On FD it gets tough because I think the best punting option is Marshall (see below) leaving you to decide how exactly to play the PG position today.

Stephen Curry DS $20301 FD $9900 - Pretty much everything I said about Wall holds true for Curry. Steph is an absolute stud. That isn’t news. Both guys make for GPP and double up plays because they are remarkably consistent and can do just about everything in the stat sheet. I might even create multiple lineups with slight variations for each to hedge a bit. Like I said, PG is tough (in a good way) today.

Kendall Marshall DS $9135 FD $4000 - Wow. Not a bad first night for a dude who isn’t too far removed from the D-League. I mean a 20/15/6 line? We recommended him going into his first start, but who saw that coming? This is the perfect punt option and it just happens to come on a night in which the rest of the position is stacked. So, good luck.



Shooting Guard


Randy Foye DS $8626 FD $3800 - Speaking of punts, almost no matter which way you roll with PG or SF below, Foye should be part of your equation. At a weak position tonight, Foye offers the perfect combination of cheap salary and high-ish upside if the minutes are there. He has, for the moment, regained the starting SG spot in Denver and that alone is good enough to have him in your lineups.

Monta Ellis DS $14821 FD $7600 - On DraftStreet, I kind of like Ellis as an against-the-grain kind of pick. I think folks will be working to get their money in on the bigger stars allowing you for a possible contrarian play with Ellis. He represents value on both sites, though on FD his salary is just a smidge worse and it’s easier to punt there. Either way, his matchup versus the Knicks is great as they are a super-slow team who Ellis can push the pace against.


Small Forward


Bottom line: spend some money in this position.

Lebron James DS $20799 FD $10800  - I think LBJ will be the top big money start of the night and with good reason. Wade probably isn’t playing which means Lebron will see additional production. The question for you becomes whether to fade him with other high priced stars? I don’t think so. Lebron posts huge games when Wade doesn’t play, and the blowout risk is diminished with DW out. Lebron is an all systems go guy.

Paul George DS 16378 FD 8600 - George is strictly a GPP play for a couple of reasons. One: the Cavs stink and could lose by 100 in this one. Two: his lines have been up and down of late. I just don’t love the consistency in a double up format. Granted, his price, especially on DS is reaching “must start” territory on the upside alone, but it’s close. I will definitely play him in GPPs.


Power Forward


This position is kind of tricky tonight. I think you need to mix and match a couple of these low cost options to save money for PG and SF.

Jared Sullinger DS $10079 FD $6000 / Brandon Bass DS $10901 FD $5100 - I’m putting these guys together because I think you can make a case to start one of them depending on the scenario. If you can fade a blowout against OKC, both of them make intriguing plays. The Thunder are coming off a crazy game against the Wolves last night, so I think there’s an outside chance the Celts can keep it close-ish. If so, Sullinger in double ups and Bass in GPPs sounds just about right.

Trevor Booker DS 10677 FD 5000 - He’s playing starter minutes for the Wiz and making the most of that run. He’s been a rebounding machine and the Warriors are about league average against power forwards. Price is a bit better on FD but I like him on both as long as he is playing. Nene is always waiting there in the wings which scares me a bit, but he’s a nice, low cost option.

JJ Hickson DS $12301 FD $6200 - (Center on DraftSreet) - The Laker interior defense is complete trash and as long as Hickson is still the starter, he needs to get a look for your lineups. He’s a double-double waiting to happen.





My rec is to email DraftStreet and FanDuel and ask if they will allow you to start another position at center tonight. Like, maybe you can play an extra point guard. Honestly, check the “Site-Specific” section at the bottom for FD and Hickson above for DS. The only across the board decent value I see is Roy Hibbert DS 12569 FD $6100 and even he is a risk to see reduced minutes if the Pacers start running it up.

Site Specific Plays




Derek Fisher $3410 - Reggie Jackson has been bad in filling Westbrook’s spot. Fisher has been picking up minutes at PG because of this. I love this as a punt. Love, love, love.

Demar Derozan $13,394 - I mean I probably wouldn’t do it, but if you want a contrarian play in GPPs with a bit of upside, Demar is your man. Especially if Wade is out.




Great values on FD tonight

Iman Shumpert $4000 Absolutely out of nowhere he’s started scoring. Don’t know if it will last, but he’s shooting more. I’ve wanted to start him the last two games and wimped out. He’s a fantastic value if he keeps up even 50% of his recent scoring.

Shawn Marion $5400 - I start him almost every night on FD

Pau Gasol $7700 - This is a great price considering the matchup. If he isn't traded before game time this is a lock.

Tyson Chandler $5100 - Same with him. If you run these four guys out there you, along with Foye, you will have tons of cash left over for the big boys.


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