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Doug Norrie

Daily NBA Picks Update 3/1/14

For the most part this has been a relatively quiet Saturday, but there are a couple of considerations that have come up over the course of the day. Still waiting to hear about guys like LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Jennings, but I don't think we'll know definitively about them before early lineups lock. Take a look back at out daily picks and then fill in the blanks with some of these updates.

C.J. Watson - FanDuel $3,500 DraftKings $3,000 DraftStreet $8,089
Watson will start for George Hill tonight against the Celtics. He is minimum guy on DraftKings and FanDuel and I will most likely use him in both places. Even with the blowout risk, he needs to basically just play his minutes in order to hit value. He averaged an 11/5/2 earlier in the year as a starter for Hill. Anything close to that is enough to pay. I'm a little more lukewarm on DraftStreet. This also has me a little more excited about playing Lance Stephenson

Aaron Brooks - FanDuel $4,700 DraftKings $3,900 DraftStreet $9,206
Ty Lawson is again looking unlikely to play tonight. Brooks would make another quality plug and play option. The only thing that has me a bit concerned here is that Lawson went through shootaround and the game doesn't start until 10. Not a problem necessarily for late swaps (though you'll run into a problem with who to slot in) but it is a risk for those early lineup locks. Again, most reports seems to suggest he will sit, but it hasn't been confirmed.

Evan Fournier - FanDuel $4,300 DraftKings $4,100 DraftStreet $9,153
Wilson Chandler is another game time decision. If we knew he wasn't going to play I'd feel comfortable (though not overly enthusiastic) playing Fournier if he started. He has huge upside, but his floor has me worried. Denver is kind of a mess without Lawson and Fournier is far from a sure thing even with the minutes.

Darren Collison - DraftStreet $9,640
I'm considering Collison on DraftStreet if he's getting the nod at the two tonight with Dudley out. The Clips played a two point guard lineup last game when Crawford went down. I also think there's a bit of safety with this pick because Collison could handle PG duties late if the game turns into a blowout.

Mason Plumlee - FanDuel $4,500 DraftStreet $8,242
Plumlee will start tonight in place of Garnett. He is somewhat intriguing on these two sites, though I wouldn't go out of my way to get him in lineups. He's averaged a 6/5/1 in games he's started. He's completely priced out of consideration on DraftKings.

Trevor Booker - FanDuel $4,000 DraftKings $3,500 DraftStreet $8,704
I didn't include him on the original picks mostly because his lack of PT, even in a zillion overtime game last time, scared me off a bit. But he should get the start again tonight and the Wizards are severely limited in available big men. Philadelphia is so bad that I think you can consider him.

And finally, it looks like Kevin Martin and Nikola Pekovic will return tonight. I'm not considering either one. But I do think their return will cut into Kevin Love's otherworldly output of late. Just something to keep in mind.

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