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Total Bases

Paul Goldschmidt
He's all over our daily picks today for a few reasons. He is among the elite hitters in the game, but he's especially good against lefties. He's even better against garbage lefties like Eric Stults. If I needed to guarantee at least two total bases today, he's my guy. His K% is low and the OPS is nearing 1.000 over the last year. Of course, the walks don't help you here, but when we parse out our system to project for just total bases, he's a top play.

Ryan Braun
Goes without saying that he's one of the best hitters in the game. Today he gets a lefty in Wei-Yin Chen, a decent, but not great pitcher. I want a guy who feasts on the platoon split and rakes extra base hits. Braun is your guy. PEDs-Schmee-EDS (or however that saying I just made up goes). He's a favorite (relative to the field) to come away with at least two total bases today.



Andrew Mccutchen
Was hard to decide whether to put him in the total bases or hits category. I'm rolling with him here because CitiField plays just slightly worse for power, but leaves plenty of room in the gaps. Cutch beasts on lefty pitching and Jon Niese is, well, Jon Niese. Cutch will have his bat on the ball today as Niese pitches to contact with reduced K and BB rates.

Martin Prado
Going a little off board today. I don't suspect your opponents will be on him, but you should be. Prado is awesome against lefty pitching and has struck out only 3 times in 34 plate appearances against them this year. Actually, his problem this season is that he just hasn't seen enough southpaws. He makes so much contact and is so good against lefties that I think he should be in one of your spots to pick up one hit.



Yu Darvish
Will be a popular pick for that top K spot, and I don't think you should fade him. We have him projected for 8.94 K's (hell round it up to 9 if you're a math nerd), well above the field. Like I said, he'll be in that top spot for many because of the name, opponent and expectation. You should have him there too. (Update: Darvish has been scratched tonight. Bump up Sale into this spot)

Jon Lester
Could have gone Scherzer here as well, but I'll go Lester. Jon's been nails this season striking out dudes at close to 11 per 9. Something's gotten in to him and I like it. That sounded worse than I meant it. Anyway, the Braves swing and miss a ton. Like 24.6% of the time. That kind of a ton. The Braves can hit of course, but the K% is alarming against lefties. Fire up Lester here while Scherzer struggles with the A's.


There you have it. Come and play us over at ScoreStreak. Super easy sign in through FaceBook and look for my picture. It's the handsome devil kissing his daughter. I'll be playing these picks and we'll duke it out over the thirds. Good luck!

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