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James Davis

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Mike Trout
Trout is going to be played by a ton of people today, but that's because he's awesome. He'll be batting atop a lineup that should abuse Brandon Maurer's sub-par stuff, and he'll get plenty of opportunities to put the ball in play. Trout's one weakness in the hits category is strikeouts (25.9% - the highest number of his career), but Maurer doesn't strike anyone out. A match made in heaven.

Nick Markakis
Whoa! Perhaps you didn't expect to see Markakis on the hits chart, today, but here he is. Markakis' relatively low walk rate and high BABIP make him a perfect selection against the woeful Brad Peacock, who gives opposing hitters plenty of room to get the bat on the ball. The O's should run Peacock out of this one in short order, giving Markakis plenty of opportunity to make the most of this lefty-righty pairing.


Total Bases

Chris Davis
Davis has one of the highest projections for total bases that I've seen in my time tracking this sort of thing, as he's facing off against a very poor pitcher (Brad Peacock) in a very good hitting environment for left-handed power hitters.

Albert Pujols
I'm giving you Angels and O's today. Pujols' isolated power numbers are back up near his prime, and Maurer's pitch-to-contact approach will give big Al plenty of opportunity to get the fat part of his bat on the ball. Safeco is actually a pretty neutral park when it comes to depressing right-handed power, and when Pujols gets a hold of one, it's not usually a wall-scraper anyway.



Gerrit Cole
An odd recommendation: I don't suggest you invest your best pitchers in the 9 Ks slot today. I don't think any pitcher is particularly likely to scrape the 9K threshold, and I think there's enough separation between the top two guys and the rest of the field that I'll be investing them in the 2nd and 3rd slots. The Dodgers actually strike out 24% of the time against right-handers, and this could be a nice spot for Cole.

Tony Cingrani
Quite simply, we're targeting a K per inning guy against a team that strikes out in 20.6% of its at bats against left handed pitchers. The D-backs could absolutely plant a couple in the seats against Cingrani as well, but that's the beauty of the Scorestreak game: It doesn't matter. If Cingrani strikes out 6 while giving up 4 runs, we'll still hit our mark.


There you have it. Come and play us over at ScoreStreak. Super easy sign in through FaceBook and look for my picture. It's the handsome devil kissing his daughter. I'll be playing these picks and we'll duke it out over the thirds. Good luck!

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