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Total Bases

Ryan Braun
Torches lefty pitching for his career. And so the hell what if some of that was while he was juicing? Like you're some saint. Braun is at the very top of our algorithm tonight in terms of raw total bases as he faces off against Travis Wood. Braun's carries a 1.000 OPS over the last year against lefties and a .427 wOBA. What a spot for the guy.

Edwin Encarnacion
It's important to know that our system in no way factors in recent performance into the projection. We work with systems projected outward so as not to get too enamored with a "what have you done for me lately?" mindset. We think that's especially important in DFS where the daily fluctuations are intense. That being said, E5 still comes in at number two in our projected total bases. He, like Melky below, is a great spot against Vargas who doesn't K anyone. And it probably doesn't hurt that E5 is about as hot as humanly possible. (Hitting wise at least. Not really my type.)



Melky Cabrera
Our system really likes the Melk-man facing Vargas today. Melky's splits don't really favor him hitting against lefties. But even with the bump down in that area, he matches up against a pitcher who allows a ton of contact and doesn't strike many people out. This should put Cabrera in a favorable position to put the ball in play. Additionally, the Blue Jays have a number of righty bats that'll give Vargas issues, making Melky a favorite to see at least an additional AB if they are turning over the lineup more frequently.

Billy Hamilton
We have Hamilton in our picks for today facing Arroyo. Bronson, while not an abomination this season, is generally worse against lefties. He also isn't a fan of striking guys out, instead favoring them putting the ball in play and then smacking the ball out of his glove as the big dumb stupid cheater runs to first. Phew, got that out of my system. Hamilton won't need to take the A-Rod route though as the he'll put the ball in play and be off to the races. Arroyo is the exact kind of pitcher I want Billy H to face.



There is a group of aces going tonight and each one of them are always in line for a number of strikeouts. But they all have tough matchups. I'm going to give one of those guys and then an off board picks you can think about throwing in there as slightly contrarian play that could get you home.

David Price
His peripherals have been slightly overshadowed by his ERA. The latter is a crazy 4.42, more than a run and a half worse than his xFIP. The former? Well these numbers are nuts. Price has a nutso 10/1 K/BB ratio going that doesn't at all seem like a fluke. What's crushing him are the home runs. Anyway, you don't care about that. You care about the K's. He strikes out nearly 10 per 9 and these aren't your older brother's Red Sox. They rank 22nd in the league in K% against lefties.

Francisco Liriano
This is your upside play on the evening. Francisco can strike out guys in bunches, K-ing just about a batter an inning. Oh and the Dodgers rank 24th in the league in K% against lefties. Of course, there's a very real possibility that Frankie gets bombed. Because he can walk the ballpark. Needs to get those K's early and often. I'd probably put him in my 7K slot.


There you have it. Come and play us over at ScoreStreak. Super easy sign in through FaceBook and look for my picture. It's the handsome devil kissing his daughter. I'll be playing these picks and we'll duke it out over the thirds. Good luck!

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