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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for ScoreStreak 6/21/14

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Total Bases

Justin Morneau
Corey Dickerson
With Braun and Bautista shelved (two guys who are near the top in our system, I'm headed over to Coors Field where it's always good to have some exposure especially when the platoon split is advantageous. Morneau and Dickerson face Lance Lynn, a guy who can K batters but is also trending dangerously low in his HR/FB rate thanks to an increased IFFB%. Coors is the type of place that regresses these numbers in a big way. Watch for both of them to collect some XBH's today. Both guys are much better against righties (Dickerson especially) and it makes sense to target this ballpark specifically in a category like this.



Jacoby Ellsbury
For your multi-hit slot it helps to target guys with speed as they stand to reach base at a higher rate just on account of those fast moving legs. Ellsbury has this, plus the splits, plus a hitter's park in the Rogers Center that allows power to the alleys and especially to lefty batters. We are less concerned with the raw power here for Jacoby, but it's good to know there are increased chances to have the ball fall out of reach of fielders. Marcus Stroman doesn't walk many batters or strike out guys at a high level, meaning the ball should be in play from Ellsbury's bat today.

Melky Cabrera
This guy is a popular pick in the "Hits" category and with good reason: he collects a ton of them. I like him for many of the same reasons I like Ellsbury. The ballpark is great for hitters and the opposing pitcher in Chase Whitley profiles a lot like Stroman. Not many K's or BB's. Just the ball getting out there. Melky doesn't strike out or walk in bunches and has just enough power to add just a little more safety to this pick. (Can't catch balls that go over the fence.)



Felix Hernandez
Isn't a shocker here at all I hope. King Felix has been a stud this season, racking up all kinds of good pitching juju along the way. His ability to go late in games really raises his K floor as his exposure to more batters means more chances at the strikeout. I actually don't think I would roll him in my nine K spot as I'm sure you'll see others do. I think seven is more realistic against the Red Sox who aren't a good hitting team against righties, but aren't a bottom feeder either. Felix basically averages a strike out an inning and to get him to nine feels a little like a stretch. Go for some safety and put him in that middle slot.

Gio Gonzalez
Expect to see Chris Sale here? Well I enjoy giving a surprise every once in a while. I don't love Sale's K upside against the Orioles today and think the nine K spot should be reserved for a home run. Gio is that kind of play. The Brewers already strike out more than 23% of the time against lefties and will be without Ryan Braun today. Gio was roughed up in his first start back from the DL last week, but I think as he finds his grove again he could hit this mark. It's a risk that could pay off in a big way.

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