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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for ScoreStreak 6/29/14

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Total Bases

Miguel Cabrera
Ever heard of him? No? Then stop playing MLB DFS immediately. Or whatever, just put him in a top total base slot and profit. Miggy is one of those guys who eschews the idea behind platoon splits. He's pretty much equal opportunity nasty against righties and lefties. Scott Feldman doesn't strike out nearly enough guys to pose any kind of real threat here and plenty of Tigers are in play. Put it this way about Miggy: His >900 OPS is actually troubling because he's so consistently been around 1K. Yikes.

Freddie Freeman
Another guy I'm all over because the opposing pitcher just offers so little in terms of resistance that Freeman is a favorite to at least put his bat on the ball in advantageous situations. David Buchanan is a low K, low talent sort of dude pitching in one of the best hitter's parks in baseball. Freeman's been on fire lately, hitting safely in eight of his last ten games with the power making a comeback. The ballpark and opponent but him in such a great spot today and I'm not sure many of your opponents will be on him. This can really help with separation, a critical component to the ScoreStreak set up.



Jose Altuve
This guy just lives to hit lefty pitching. He's Babip'ing like champion against them this year so we need to take some of his results with a grain of salt, but the success against lefties for his career isn't in question. He's hit .340 for his career against them with an OPS in the mid .800's. This guy has extreme splits and today snags Smyly a lefty we can definitely pick on. Love Altuve for a multi-hit game here.

Ryan Braun
Shows up in these picks a great deal mostly because our system is super high on the guy going forward. Today I'll have him in one of my "Hits" spots because Jorge de la Rosa pitches poorly and Braun should have his bat on the ball aplenty. This is the right side of the split for Braun who is much better against lefties.



Clayton Kershaw
Doesn't take someone with my level of genius and insight to give a pick like this one. Just about any time Kershaw is on the mound he is the favorite to have the most strikeouts. Today is no different, though I wouldn't say he's overwhelmingly likely to hit the 9K mark. The Cards are a bad offense this season (gone are the days of hitting like 1.000 with RISP) but they also don't strikeout a ton. Their 19% K rate against lefties is the only thing making me concerned with Kershaw hitting the top end of the K range. That being said, Clayton is no mere mortal and he can punch them out like no other.

Homer Bailey
Expecting to see King Feliz here? Me too, but our system slightly prefers Bailey today. It's probably a little wonky from that point of view, and I think Felix will be in my (and everyone's top three) but Bailey is a guy worth keeping an eye on. He's been massively unlucky this season with both his Babip and his HR/FB. But the K rate is a little less than a strikeout an inning and the Giants K about 22% of the time against righties.


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