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Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for ScoreStreak 7/10/14

DFSR has partnered with ScoreStreak: a new, innovative style of DFS play. Gone is the salary finagling, mixing and matching, and hair-pulling that goes into setting lineups. ScoreStreak simplifies the process in an easy-to-use interface. Employing a prop-pick style, ScoresStreak leagues are specific outcome dependent with three categories: Total Bases, Hits, and for pitchers, Strikeouts.

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Total Bases

Mike Trout
He will show up in this spot a lot. No way around it and you really don’t want to get into the habit of fading him too often. He’s simply too good. And Colby Lewis is simply too bad. Trout’s beasted on righty pitching this season, not caring about your silly little platoon splits. His .977 OPS is built on the back of a .589 slugging percentage. I’m a little concerned about the strikeouts in general, but this is Mike Trout we’re talking about. He could be in our total bases category almost any night.

Ryan Braun
Ooh David Buchanan is bad and that’s something I love picking on in this format. Braun’s been solid against righties this season so I’m not too worried about the reverse split. He’s posted a mid .800’s OPS which is down primarily because his walk rate has dipped. That’s fine actually as we want his bat on the ball and his slugging against lefties is over .500 which has me excited for his chances at an extra base hit today.



There are a few interesting options in this category today.
Alex Rios
As I wrote in our bigger picks column today, Rios is a lefty masher. He’s been one of the best hitters in the league in this platoon split. Most of the other names above him are superstars like Trout, Tulo, Stanton and McCutchen. And then there’s Rios. A guy who is off a bunch of radars right now mostly because of his issues hitting right handed pitching. Don’t let it bother you. He’s got the lefty Hector Santiago who’s no pushover but is far from elite. Rios’ splits are solid and the contact rate is plenty good enough to go for multiple hits today.

Salvador Perez
Not a name I’d really think of but our system has him right up there facing Drew Smyly today. Perez’s big issues with lefty pitching this year are Babip related with that number sitting under the .200 mark. When the regression train comes rolling watch for his splits to steadily climb. I’ll take him for at least a hit and I’d venture a guess that unless your opponents also read this article you’ll be the only person playing him.



Clayton Kershaw
If you go with anyone else in your top K’s spot you are doing it wrong. It’s as simple as that. Kershaw is an alien sent from some other planet to dominant pitching categories. How else to explain some of the numbers he’s putting up? K’ing almost twelve per nine. Walking next to no one. An xFIP in the high 1’s. It’s sick. Oh and the Padres are as bad as it gets. This is a no-brainer.

Jon Lester
Our system actually has him projected for a fraction more strikeouts than King Felix today. I kind of like when something like this happens because I think far more people will be on Hernandez, offering a little chance for separation. In a game like ScoreStreak, these small decisions can add up over the longterm. Lester faces the ChiSox who K about 22% of the time against lefties and are near the bottom of the league in offense against that hand. Nice place for some strikeout upside.

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