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Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for ScoreStreak 8/1/14

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Total Bases

Miguel Cabrera
Been picking him a great deal lately, and why not? He's been facing some sub-standard pitching and today is just another round of "Which Crappy Colorado Lefty is Taking the Mound Today?" Here we have Franklin Morales, a dude so bad against righty pitching that he should probably be turned into a reliever. Except that he's also not great against lefty pitching. So there's that. Over his career Morales has allowed over an .800 OPS to righties and this season it's been even worse with the number pushing .950. Those are crazy bad numbers. So yeah, hop on Miggy today.

Andrew McCutchen
Speaking of the splits meeting right in the sweet spot, consider McCutchen today against Vidal Nuno (sounds like a fancy salad dressing whenever I hear that name). McCutch is one of the great lefty rakers, and this season's been more of the same considering he's posting an .868 OPS against lefties in spite of a .241 Babip in that split. Impressive. Meanwhile, Vidal Nuno is allowing a .361 wOBA to righties this season. McCutch has me giddy.



Jose Altuve
This one's an easy one. Altuve is killing lefty pitching this season with a .989 OPS split in that platoon and it's almost entirely batted ball related. The guy never K's (less than 10% average) and never walks (right around 4%). That leaves a lot of bat hitting a lot of ball. If you are looking for multiple hits today, snag him against J.A. Happ who pitches to a great deal of contact and just generally kind of blows. Altuve sits atop the leaderboard here so he won't sneak up on anyone. But I wouldn't fade him in this situation.

Victor Martinez
Here's another scenario I like when targeting hits in ScoreStreak. V-Mart has a profile a lot like Altuve in that he keeps both his walks and his hits low. Of course he has much more power than little Jose, but we are just interested in contact rate here. He's scorching left-handed pitching with a 224 wRC+ this season that's a little luck aided, but not enough to dissuade me from buying on him. So many Tigers in play all over the industry today.



Chris Sale
Sale is nearly lapping the field in our system today as he squares up against the Twins. Minnesota is in the bottom half of the league hitting against lefties and strike out nearly 22% of the time. Even though the ballpark favors hitters, Sale cares not for that little piece of information. Instead, he's content striking out nearly 10 batters per nine and just generally dominating. I think I'll shoot the upside here and throw him in 9 K's though there's a case for chucking him in the 7 K slot and just locking up the points on a day when pitching is a bit suspect.

Danny Salazar
Like to play with fire? Good. Then here's your boom or bust play of the day. Salazar is an enigma wrapped up in pre-glasses Rickey Vaughn's body. His stuff is amazing but he just can't put it all together. He's K's more than 10 per nine, but he can't go long in games. The Rangers meanwhile strike out almost 20% of the time, not a ton, but I'm liking it nonetheless. Though he could get boat-raced.

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