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Daily Fantasy Football Picks for Week 6 - Draftster

Welcome, Draftster fans!

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We have our general picks for Week 6.

This piece will examine some Draftster-specific value as this site tends to quickly adjust prices quickly and severely. This is great news for you as identifying players who are priced as punts is a money-making venture for you. Here we go.


Matthew Stafford - $6400
Stafford is the 14th most expensive quarterback on Draftster. Even without Megatron this is probably a mistake. Last week against an above average Buffalo D (slightly below average against the pass) Stafford managed 230 and a touch which isn't great of course, but the case for Stafford, as with many of the guys in this piece isn't so much the superlatives, but rather the price. Essentially you are getting a QB who will put the ball in the air 30+ times over the course of the game. Grabbing him in the lower third of the salary pool will allow you to essentially overpay at some of the other skill positions.

Joe Flacco - $6100
Sitting behind Stafford in the price scheme is Flacco who faces a Bucs team getting shredded through the air. The Bucs appear disinterested in defending tightly thrown spirals, or receivers, or really anything associated with the opposing team's passing attack. Flacco needs to do very little to pay this price off, and I don't think it pays to spend big on quarterback this week. Not with competent starters sitting so low on the salary chart.


Running Backs

LeVeon Bell - $8300
Matt Forte- $9000
Though I'm typically loathe to simply give the chalk plays and qualify them as "analysis", in this case both of these guys represent value on Draftster this week. Essentially, by employing some of the other cheaper players mentioned in this piece, you can fit one, or even possibly both Forte and Bell into your lineups. If you are reading this there's very little chance you need a primer on why they are considered top end talents on the season. And as James and I discussed in our Week 6 podcast, Bell seems particularly "due" for a touchdown. "Due" in this case means he has run bad getting into the end zone considering his Red Zone usage, and not necessarily because he hasn't scored yet and simply just will.

Darren McFadden - $3300
Stick with me here. Eyes up here. Come on. McFadden sucks. As do the Raiders. But he is the RB with the most opportunity on the team and adds a little to his floor by catching some balls out of the backfield. With 15 or so carries and 3-5 targets in the passing game, you are looking at a fine punt play. Remember, Draftster's pricing model means for a much wider range in top-bottom player salaries than most other sites. The punts are crucial because you save an overwhelming percentage toward the cap in finding 1-2 bargain basement guys who stand to see some production. I'd much rather take this approach on Draftster because you aren't forced to middle almost at all. If he scores? Look out.


Wide Receivers

Brandon Marshall - $7000
The bad news first. Marshall's targets have dropped since the first game of the year. That I don't love. On the flip side, he appears to be getting close to full health and will play in a game with by far the highest over/under on the day. Atlanta ranks 23rd in opponent passing yards and there's some indication Chicago would like to see Marshall get more involved. That is of course speculation, but our system is high on Marshall without the coach rhetoric as his price dip lands him in a nice zone of value. He has huge upside on the right kind of day and feel like he has been dropping off of radars as his production has dipped.

Cordarelle Patterson - $3300
If you are like me and like to take a stab when a dude has hit absolute rock bottom, this is the time. Patterson has been a major disappointment this season, no doubt about it. But Patterson, priced as a 3300 punt offers almost downside and oodles of upside at this price. Bridgewater should be back this week facing a Lions' team only slightly above average against the pass. Thought process with Patterson here is simple: You are getting a starting WR for the minimum. When this happens, you are almost forced into the play because if he performs even close to his projections you are well ahead of the game. Again, the downside is mitigated simply because his salary allows you a chance to spend up at other positions. And if Teddy B gets him the rock, this is a runaway.

Torrey Smith - $4400
First the good news: much like Patterson, Smith is coming priced based mostly on his inconsistent (and relatively non-existent) performance this season. Because Draftster is prone to huge pricing swings, there is a good chance you never see Smith priced this low again. He had eight targets last week, by far his most of the season and he faces a Bucs' team getting shredded through the air. The bad news of course is that Smith hasn't converted many (any) of his chances this season and he could pull another disappearing act, especially is Smith Sr. gets a lionshare of the looks again. But at this price, I think the risk is more than waranted.


Tight Ends

Vernon Davis - $3000
As of this post Davis had practiced this week and indications are that he'll play. If he is on the field, even at 80% or so this price is too advantageous to pass up. He is a starting tight end featured in the passing scheme who is coming at the very bare minimum. I honestly wouldn't even think too much about it. Getting this price for his potential production is a no-brainer as long as he's suited and playing.

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