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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball Picks for FanDuel, DraftKings and Draftster 3/19/15

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Point Guards

Patrick Beverley - FD 4600 DK 4500 DFSTR 4400
He is considered questionable for this game, but considering he played last game with similar injury issues, I suspect he will play tonight. He's coming very cheap and playing enough minutes that rolling him in a cash game makes a great deal of sense. Has limited downside considering his run and provides just enough offense and auxiliary stats that he doesn't crush you on this slate.

Alexey Shved - FD 7000 DK 6600 DFSTR 3700
I only wish he played more minutes and I'm surprised he doesn't considering the state of the Knicks. It's not like they have a plethora of offensive options (or talent) and Shved does at least make plays. The minutes limit his upside considering his price has climbed some in the short term. But he has enough offensive firepower that you can play him rather safely.

Dante Exum - FD 3600 DK 3200 DFSTR 3000
He plays a lot of minutes and does almost nothing. But I think you can take a shot on him in a GPP because the Lakers are just so horrible against point guards.

Consider Langston Galloway, Archie Goodwin and Tyreke Evans


Shooting Guards

James Harden - FD 10600 DK 10800 DFSTR 9400
All over him tonight against the Nuggets. On FanDuel it's a no-brainer to pay for Harden as he's significantly less than Anthony Davis (I think it will be very tough to get them both into your lineups). Denver has no one who can effectively guard Harden. This of course can be said for most teams, but is especially true for the Nuggets who are among the worst teams in the league at defending the opposing shooting guard. Harden's had some rough shooting games that has brought down his price. Don't let that sway you. He's the top big money option tonight.

Kevin Martin - FD 6100 DK 5800 DFSTR 6000
We had him as a top play last night and he went off against the Raptors. Part of the reason we liked him so much was he gets more run when Gary Neal is out of the picture as they tend to split minutes some. Look for Neal's status prior to game time as that does effect Martin's value. But he is a chucker down to his core. And when he's the top option, dude is going to throw shots up there.

Consider Wayne Ellington


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Small Forwards

Gordon Hayward - FD 7600 DK 7500 DFSTR 7500
You and I both know (because we are intelligent and attractive people) that really everyone playing the Lakers is someone you want to consider. LA is a perfect matchup because they are atrocious on defense, play at a breakneck pace and actually are able to stay in a ton of games. It's the perfect fantasy scenario. So targeting a dude like Hayward is sort of easy. He actually doesn't rate out at the very top of our system in terms of value on this slate. But there's plenty to love in this matchup.

Trevor Ariza - FD 5800 DK 6200 DFSTR
He is at the top of the list. Ariza can be a feast or famine play every single night as he'll just disappear without warning. He's put two solid games together in a row which is encouraging. But I know to not get too excited. When his shot isn't falling you need to be concerned. But with the matchup I am fine paying this price because there isn't a ton of downside with the matchup.

Rodney Hood - FD 4600 DK 4600 DFSTR 3000
Got into foul trouble early last game and still came out shooting 5-5 from three on his way to a 24/3/3 game. He won't repeat the shooting, but I do think the minutes could be there if he sticks in the starting unit.


Power Forwards

Kenneth Faried - FD 6900 DK 6900 DFSTR 5500
Took the last game off to rest and should be back in full force tonight. Faried has gone full Manimal since Brian Shaw let the door hit on the way out and Kenneth looks like he couldn't be happier. Gone are the days of wondering whether Faried would be pulled two minutes into the game on his way to 22 minutes. No. Dude is getting full run and paying big. Price hasn't gotten there yet and Houston doesn't have a ton of interior presence.

Derrick Favors - FD 7700 DK 8100 DFSTR 7200
As we already know, Lakers, Lakers, yada, yada, Lakers. They allow 5% more scoring that league average to opposing power forwards and Favors can get to the rack. HAd a rough game against Charlotte, but I'll hop back on the wagon tonight. The matchup is too choice and Favors does have huge upside in the right situation.

Andrea Bargnani - FD 5900 DK 6100 DFSTR 5100
He isn't fun to watch at all. And it does seem like he just roams around the foul line extended for ungodly amounts of time. And yet he is getting the job done for the Knicks. He can hit the midrange jumpshot and presents matchup problems for some opposing bigs because of his range. The Timberwolves are very banged up inside right now and Bargs could expose some of their woes.



Brandan Wright - FD 5200 DK 4200 DFSTR 3900
Looks like Alex Len is going to sit again tonight which will mean significant run for Wright. He played 37 minutes against the Knicks and went for 18/11. That's a great sign in terms of how the Suns will use him in the starting lineup. Though the price has climbed, I think you can easily slide him into your lineups against the Pelicans. Asik is better than anyone the Knicks threw at him, but Wright still has a solid expectation.

Gorgui Dieng - FD 6400 DK 5900 DFSTR 5400
I was expecting huge things from Dieng last night when word came that both Pekovic and Hamilton weren't going to play. That didn't totally materialize as he was pretty quiet considering the amount of minutes he played. Alas, I return to Gorgeous Gorgui as the Knicks don't have a ton to work with down low. Tiago Splitter put up a 12/13 against Lou Amundson and company. Dieng could be looking at a similar line if Pek sits again.

Rudy Gobert - FD 8200 DK 8100 DFSTR 7500
He's getting expensive. But he's also averaging 20 rebounds a game over the last three games. The one position the Lakers have "defended" well is opposing centers. But the reason for that is opposing teams rarely need to get into offensive sets against them because the opposing guards are just blitzing like crazy. Still, Gobert has a solid line in store considering how he's played in the starting lineup.


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  1. Thanks for the great info, as always. Utah usually scares me with their defensive/slow-paced style of ball (seriously, I can never predict when Hayward is going to go for 20 FP or 45 FP) but on a short slate, and against the Lakers, I totally agree with your picks. Good luck tonight!

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