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    Daily Fantasy MMA Picks for UFC Fight Night 76 in Dublin

    On Saturday, October 24th, there will be some MMA action over in Ireland as UFC Fight Night 76 in Dublin is set to go off. The big news right now is that Joseph Duffy has pulled out of the main event against Dustin Poirier and that the fight has been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean that there will not be other fights this date. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the most important fights to consider for your daily fantasy roster. If you haven’t drafted one yet, or you just want to get a second opinion, this guide should prove to be a valuable resource as we break down the fights for you.

    Nicolas Dalby v. Darren Till

    This fight has a bit of an oddity associated with it when you start looking at DraftKings salary in comparison to fantasy point averages. Dalby it the more expensive player at $10,100, but he has only averaged 58.5 fantasy points. Till is priced at only $9,300, but is averaging 83.5 points. This indicates that Dalby is the favorite for this fight, but that Till has been more lucrative as a fantasy fighter in the past. If Dalby is the favorite for this fight, this looks like it will not be Till that scores the most points, but this fight is a bit too close on paper to tell for certain. When a fight is that close on paper, the cheaper fighter is almost always the correct choice, so Till is a very attractive choice here.

    Louis Smolka v. Paddy Holohan

    Smolka, “Da Last Samurai,” is the favorite for this fight, but only barely. He’s priced at $9,800, compared to Holohan’s $9,600. Both fighters have won three of their last four fights, and both are pretty close in expected fantasy point value. Smolka ranks in at 63.3 while Holohan is at 59.8. Because Smolka is a favorite at less than $10,000, he’s a strong pick, but because these two fighters are so close in projected talent, either could be a good choice if your own analysis sways you toward Holohan. It’s for this reason that the Smolka-Holohan fight looks like it will be the most exciting matchup of the night now that the Duffy-Poirier fight is off the list of events.

    Stevie Ray v. Mickael Lebout

    Ray is a huge favorite for this fight, and his steep price tag is a reflection of this. Ray is priced at $11,000 right now, but has averaged 101.5 fantasy points per fight. He’s 18-5, and won his last two fights in either the first or second round by KO/TKO. He’s a strong choice, and should win this fight against Lebout with ease, but you will need to make up for his expense with some weak fighters somewhere else on your roster. Lebout is priced at $8,400, but even this seems like it will be too expensive when you look at his average of 39.5 points per match.

    Darren Elkins v. Rob Whiteford

    Like a few other fights lined up for Saturday, the Elkins-Whiteford fight has a favorite that has been averaging fewer fantasy points per fight than the underdog. Elkins is $10,200, compared to Whiteford’s $9,200. But when you look at points, Elkins has averaged 48.7 compared to Whiteford’s 58.5. Elkins isn’t different enough in price that this can be ignored, and it even seems that Whiteford should have an advantage over him when it comes to daily fantasy value. Use your own analysis for this fight, but unless your findings differ severely, Whiteford is the most logical choice in this particular instance.

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