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Daily Fantasy Basketball Injury News and Updates for FanDuel and DraftKings - 3/10/16

Welcome to the daily updates and injury news article. We'll try and update it right up to line-up locks with as much information as comes across our desks. Let's get to it!

Last night's picks can be found here, so you can wrap your mind around what you need to be looking at before lineups lock tonight.

By the way - we keep our projection system updated with all of the changes as they occur throughout the day right up until lineup lock. Every day. If you want access to that system so you can cut out a lot of the research element, click the button below!

What We Know

E'Twaun MooreJimmy ButlerJimmy Butler is out
This one is a big boost to E'Twaun Moore who played 36 minutes last game and put up a 16/7 line. His price is still very much in the "reserve player" role even though he's looking down the barrel at healthy run. The only concern I have is Hoiberg isn't necessarily married to Moore (literally or figuratively) and there've been games without Rose and/or Butler when we've expected E'Twaun to run for days and he hasn't. This is also a tough matchup against the Spurs, but on a short slate I think you can take the risk.

Tony ParkerTony Parker will play
He sat out last game with a toe issue. Signs point to him going tonight and we probably could have included him in the daily picks article. Parker is very cheap on both sites and even with a modest 28 projected minutes, stands to hit or exceed value in this matchup. He's especially a bargain on DraftKings.


What We're Waiting to Know

Kobe BryantD'Angelo RussellJordan ClarksonWill Kobe Bryant play?
This news does effect things in a not insignificant way for tonight's slate. And it kind of goes both ways. If Bryant were a full go then he is a fantastic pay on DraftKings where he's only $4900. If you thought he was going to play just a little less than 30 minutes then he's almost a must start. On the flip side, if he sits then De'Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson see a decent boost in projected shot volume and floor time. It's a pain that this is the last game on the slate and there's a decent chance we simply don't know the answer going into early lineup lock.

Tristan ThompsonTimofey MozgovWill Timofey Mozgov play?
This is less about Timofey and more about Tristan Thompson. Last night with Mozgove out of the lineup Thompson played 37 minutes with a nutso 18/15. I wouldn't necessarily pencil him in for the same projection, but he'd be in near "must play" territory were he locked in for most of the starting center minutes for the Cavs tonight. Again, much like the Kobe news, there's a chance we don't know prior to lineup lock. Though in this case I'd almost be willing to take the risk as Thompson isn't a bad play even when projected to come off the bench.


The "Every Lineup" Guys

LeBron JamesLeBron James - FD 10100 DK 9800
Opponent - LAL
FD Proj. Pts - 46.86 DK Proj. Pts - 48.82
As of this writing there was no line on the Cavs-Lakers presumably because Vegas is waiting for Kobe news (and maybe a few other odds and ends). I suppose there's blowout risk here, but the Lakers have been feisty of late and on such a short slate I'm not sure I want to fade the top overall guy when fitting his salary is no big thing anyway. I'll have Lebron in every cash lineup and I suspect he's the highest percentage start on the slate among the upper tier salary guys.

Update: There is some speculation Lebron could sit tonight. It might be risky to play him.


For such a short slate there are actually quite a few differences between the DraftKings and FanDuel lineups. I'm obviously not going to go into the subtleties, but here are two examples.

Kyrie IrvingKyrie Irving - FD 7200 DK 7700
Opponent - LAL
FD Proj. Pts - 34.34 DK Proj. Pts - 36.61
He's a little more expensive on DraftKings which is why you aren't seeing him on that site. But the discount you get on FanDuel is a good case for why playing multiple sites makes for a solid natural industry hedge. Not that he's out of play on DK, but you are getting a great deal on FD.

Tony ParkerTony Parker - FD 4700 DK 4500
Opponent - CHI
FD Proj. Pts - 23.04 DK Proj. Pts - 23.65
The aforementioned Parker makes a solid value on both sites though I'm more inclined to play him on DraftKings because he's a little cheaper and the other point guards' pricing has outstripped their expectation just a tad. Parker's been used differently this season and Pop (and company) aren't shy about just running Patty Mills for longer stretches if they think they can exploit the three ball. But Parker doesn't need a ton of run at these prices.

Here are the players that wind up in each of the top 10 lineups produced by our lineup optimizer.

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  1. So who else is trying to read the tea leaves on Kobe? I am going with out for right now.

  2. Shouldn’t Brandon Knight be in the waiting to know section? He almost played last night according to reports. Shakes up that PHO team when he comes back eating up shots/minutes.

    • It does. Hard to know how to project that considering he didn’t play. Definitely will cut into minutes.

  3. I thought the no line on the Cavs game was Cavs related?? They’ve said they are going to rest people and this seems like a good game to do that, no? Believe there was a line the other night and Kobe was 50/50 all day against Orlando.

    • You are probably right about that. I assumed it was Kobe news, but fear of Cavs sitting guys makes more sense.

  4. What do you think about Price and Faried tonight?

  5. Anyone else have that sinking feeling they’re about to get pop’d tonight?

    • Yes, but I keep telling myself that it would be silly if the Cavs rested people tonight–being only two ahead of TOR in the loss column and on a back to back, they shouldn’t overlook anyone (like Memphis a few nights ago, ahem). If Kobe wants to get at LeBron once more, and with the Lakers looking better, Cavs could well lose if they don’t show up or rest people.

      As for the Spurs, who knows any more?

  6. Any word on if the Cavs will potentially rest anyone tonight against the Lakers???

  7. I have a feeling it will be Aldridge or Leonard being popped tonight

  8. Any news on Lowry or DeRozen, Casey claims he’s going to rest both at times. Don’t need a DNP-rest with these two???

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