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Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings - 4/23/16 Opening Round

Note that this article’s format changed when the playoffs started. Additionally, there won’t be a separate update article. Check back to this article throughout the day Friday and review the discussion in the comments below for updated information.

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Toronto Raptors at Indian Pacers

The Raptors lead the series 2-1, winning game three in Indiana and effectively taking back home court advantage. They lost game one in Toronto, but took down a fairly decisive victory last time out. This game was never really in doubt as the Raptors led by 17 at halftime and never looked back. They went on the back of their backcourt in Lowry and Derozan who combined for 41 of the team's 101 points and took nearly half the team's shots. I don't know if this is a good long term strategy for the squad, but it worked in game three.

The Pacers meanwhile struggled to score which is basically their biggest weakness. And of course, it's a significant one considering basketball games are won by scoring. Other than Paul George, they don't have a lot to rely on when it comes to needing quick buckets, and even he's not that type of player so much. This game is still going off as nearly a pick em and should be close and low scoring again.

Top Value Plays
Paul GeorgePaul George - FD 9000 DK 9100
Opponent - TOR
FD Proj. Pts - 42.29 DK Proj. Pts - 44.89
There are definitely some ways to spend your salary cap so I wouldn't go about calling PG a must play or anything like that. But if the Pacers can keep it close (and maybe even if they can't) then I think you'll see him go major minutes seeing as how this is a crucial game in the series. The Pacers can't afford to fall down 3-1 heding back to Toronto so I think you see George out there for the majority in this one.

Kyle LowryKyle Lowry - FD 8300 DK 8000
Opponent - IND
FD Proj. Pts - 41.97 DK Proj. Pts - 44.42
He's still a bargain on DraftKings even though the price has come up a little since the beginning of the playoffs. It makes sense considering last game he went 21/8/4 and has been in line for major minutes almost no matter the game script. While I don't think it makes sense playing him extended run when the game is in hand, Dwayne Casey doesn't seem to care and his usage appears safe.

Myles TurnerMyles Turner - FD 5500 DK 4900
Opponent - TOR
FD Proj. Pts - 21.99 DK Proj. Pts - 22.87
This one depends on which Turner we see. Is it the game one and three Turner or the game two Turner? There's a big difference and he isn't exactly safe. If you think he pushes up to thirty minutes again then yes, run him almost without hesitation. But I don't think that's a sure thing.


Miami Heat at Charlotte Hornets

This series has been ho-hum from the beginning. The Heat blew out the Hornets in the first game and worked themselves enough of a deficit at halftime of the second game that it's been an uneventful run. That isn't to say it can't turn around here, but now Charlotte is playing without Batum which really hurts their chances. He's such a crucial piece of what they do on both offense and defense. They will have to replace a lot of minutes and production with guys who aren't the same caliber.

All that being said, Charlotte is still a slight favorite going into this game seeing as how it's at home and they've been such a solid underdog team all season. The Heat meanwhile have been just grinding away the victories Miami-style. They aren't the most fun team to watch with their slow and steady pace. I don't love much in the way of DFS value on their side of the ball with the minutes and pricing not looking all that hot.

Top Value Plays
Courtney LeeCourtney Lee - FD 3900 DK 4000
Opponent - MIA
FD Proj. Pts - 25.32 DK Proj. Pts - 26.87
There's almost no way he doesn't play more than 40 minutes in this game. Now that the Hornets are without Batum, Lee will be called upon as basically the steady two guard and might even shift to the three if they go really small. They will need him on defense and the minutes alone are enough to make him a must play on this slate. He ran 42 last game when Batum went down late and put up a 12/4/2 line. That's plenty for his salaries in this playoff format.

Jeremy LinJeremy Lin - FD 4200 DK 4800
Opponent - MIA
FD Proj. Pts - 22.17 DK Proj. Pts - 23.11
Without Batum it stands to reason we will see much more of Lin off the bench (if he doesn't draw the start, which he might). Lin is one of those price and potential opportunity dudes that we wait for during the regular season but don't come around as often during the playoffs. This could be a chance for him to creep his minutes up around 30 and that's all we would need to see in order to label him a value play. That he comes at a weaker position only helps the cause more.

Kemba WalkerKemba Walker - FD 8000 DK 7800
Opponent - MIA
FD Proj. Pts - 39.52 DK Proj. Pts - 41.27
While there is other value at the PG position for this slate, it's hard to argue with Walker's potential floor in this game. He will almost definitely see over forty minutes without Batum out there and if last game's any indication, there will be a ton of shots for him. He put up 29 in game three and that should be about the same tonight as the Hornets fight to stay in this series.

Consider Joe Johnson 


Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks

It kind of seems like a miracle that Dallas took game two on the road against the Thunder. Considering OKC outscored them by a total of 67 in the other two games combined, Dallas eke-ing out a W seems even that much more improbable. Last game was a nearly effortless win by the Thunder who never looked challenged and at no point did it really seem like Dallas had a shot.

The line going into this one greatly favors OKC as they come in -9 against a hobbled Dallas squad. It's unclear if Deron Williams will go and from a DFS perspective we'd much rather he didn't. Him on the bench clears the way for some value plays in the Dallas backcourt. We will have to wait on that news. Otherwise, this is a Dallas team who could get crushed again and OKC has a chance to put the series nearly out of reach.

Top Value Plays
Kevin DurantKevin Durant - FD 10200 DK 10300
Opponent - DAL
FD Proj. Pts - 52.56 DK Proj. Pts - 55.59
Russell WestbrookRussell Westbrook - FD 10500 DK 11000
Opponent - DAL
FD Proj. Pts - 53.77 DK Proj. Pts - 55.73
On this slate I see these two guys as just about must plays. Even with the possible threat of the blowout, Russ and KD control way too much of their team's fate that fading one (or both) makes for tricky business. If forced to choose between the two I'd go Durant only because there is other point guard value outside of Westbrook. But the floors on both of these guys is so high and OKC has the highest projected team total on the slate.

J.J. BareaJ.J. Barea - FD 4800 DK 5200
Opponent - OKC
FD Proj. Pts - 28.51 DK Proj. Pts - 29.84
Wesley MatthewsWesley Matthews - FD 5000 DK 4600
Opponent - OKC
FD Proj. Pts - 24.24 DK Proj. Pts - 27.68
Raymond FeltonRaymond Felton - FD 5600 DK 5300
Opponent - OKC
FD Proj. Pts - 28.11 DK Proj. Pts - 30.03
I'm grouping these three guys together because they are all in line for major minutes if Deron is to sit again. They each saw well over the 30 last game and that was in the blowout. If Dallas can keep it even a semblance of close it's because these guys are playing a bunch and scoring. That's what they'll need ot keep pace with OKC and each is still coming solidly in the middle tier.

Dirk NowitzkiDirk Nowitzki - FD 6900 DK 6100
Opponent - OKC
FD Proj. Pts - 35.45 DK Proj. Pts - 37.5
Power forward was such a pain in the ass position during the regular season and not much has changed for the playoffs. I see Dirk as basically a must play because there are very few other options who are close to safe. Here's to hoping Dallas can stay in the game and he can put in some work on Ibaka.


Los Angeles Clippers at Portland Trailblazers

Speaking of another series that's seen almost nothing but blowouts, the Clippers and the Blazers are at it again today. Portland got crushed by 20 and 21 in the first two games. But they return home and the opening line has the game at least projecting as close. Vegas has the game as Clippers -1 with a 207  o/u. That's the highest game total going and if the script follows that projection then we could be staring at a lot of value.

It stands to reason Portland will come out firing in this game. They're playing at home and I would consider this a must-win game for them to avoid falling behind 3-0 in the series. But I do think they are in trouble. The Clippers appear to be hitting a stride with Griffin fully back and the rest of the offense flowing through Paul.
Top Value Plays
Chris PaulChris Paul - FD 9800 DK 9600
Opponent - POR
FD Proj. Pts - 49.92 DK Proj. Pts - 52.06
He's played great in less than normal time on the court mostly because the Blazers and Damian Lillard have no answer for CP3 on offense. He's been able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants on that side of the floor and I don't suspect it changes much here. If anything, we might see an even stronger game from Paul if the Blazers can keep the game close.

Damian LillardDamian Lillard - FD 8200 DK 8200
Opponent - LAC
FD Proj. Pts - 41.94 DK Proj. Pts - 45.11
He'll be hounded by Paul again, but Lillard's price is still low enough that we can consider him almost on the upside alone. He won't have it easy, but he did get up 22 shots last game and I suspect we see somewhere around that number again tonight. If the game is close then I also think he creeps to over forty minutes which would really put him in the next level.

Al-Farouq AminuAl-Farouq Aminu - FD 5500 DK 5100
Opponent - LAC
FD Proj. Pts - 26.08 DK Proj. Pts - 27.08
Mason PlumleeMason Plumlee - FD 5600 DK 5000
Opponent - LAC
FD Proj. Pts - 28.13 DK Proj. Pts - 28.55
You trust the minutes on either of these two? It's crazy, we had Aminu and Plumlee projected for these kinds of minutes in game one and they both got buzzed off. Got spooked by that performance and ducked them down a bit only to have them run as we expected in game two even with the blowout. You follow all of that? Here's to hoping Stotts just sticks with them through thick and thin. If so then they are both solid cash game plays on this slate and help fit some of the bigger money guys.

Strongly consider Blake Griffin




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100 Visitor Comments

  1. Rollin out a Kemba Lee Iso Joe Patterson Zeller Lin Durant Westbrook as well as a Barea Felton Carrol Griffin Jordan CP3 Aminu Mathews. I like both but at the same time I’m kinda worried about half of each lineup hitting and getting some ice piks and nkt cashing at all :/ not buying optimizer till next year but again been here since the beginning of nba season. Thoughts comments appreciated.

    • I would stay away from Joe Johnson, it’s like the hornets have made stopping him priority 1, I’d slot Durant at SF and go from there, the second lineup has a good feel, but I’m not buying on b.Griffin until he shows me he’s going to be b.Griffin lol

  2. Anyone think Marvin Williams could come out of his slump since Batum is out? Also, what are your thoughts on SG since it is such a horrible position today?

    • Go with c.Lee, or J. Lin if you’re a fanduel follow

  3. I think a lot more Blazers will hit today than the last 2 games. It is the highest game on the slate and Vegas is normally close.

    • I agree with this. I’m keeping their minutes in line with last game and if that’s the case then they have tons of value

    • Any news on deron Williams by any chance? He’s showing in starting lineups but with that’s sports hernia lingering I’m scared to run him.

  4. M.Williams has burnt me 2 many times lately. Not playing him today so he will probably get 40 today.

    • I am putting him in a couple GPP’s just for that reason.

    • I almost wrote him up. I do think he sees a few more minutes than what we have projected.

  5. JONAS JEREBKO!!!! Oh boy am I glad I got him in every lineup yesterday! Now if I can only stop listening to you guys about Drummond I’ll be there. Seriously, if you guys write Drummond up for game 4 I’ll lose all respect for you and never come back lol!!! For real though!!!

    • Lol. You’ll see Drummond again probably. Last night they were forced to take him off the court for the home stretch which crushed him. Lost about 20% of his expected minutes because of it. Might not be so bullish on him next time, but he’s still in the discussion.

      • Did you see what SVG said about it? And the look on Drummond face says it all. He knows that he’s killing them. I’d be surprised if puts up the same numbers as he did last night, and t.Thompson is handling him better than we all expected, he is just an almost 8K hole for you to throw money away in at this point.

  6. I’ll be at the Hive cheering for my boy Marvin – he’s got alot of pride & today’s the day he busts out.
    Hornets play much better @ home.

  7. Iso Joe might be good today.. no batum to shut him down.

    • It’s gonna be all about Wade and Whiteside for the heat today.

  8. Last nights Fantasy Aces lineup results are on my twitter page. Congrats to those that used the lineup. $$$! Will post tonights L/U around 4pm. If anyone needs help with the system to use Fantasy Aces feel free to DM me on twitter

  9. He does it every close game with Drummond if you thought it’d be a close game you should have seen it worst ft shooter in history. Can’t afford to leave him in

  10. you guys think al jefferson plays more tn than normal?? and patrick patterson still under 4k on fan duel!

  11. I think Al is a solid play today. Not sure he sees a big change in minutes, he has some old, broken down knees, but maybe some extra usage while he’s out there because of no batum?

  12. Why doesn’t that idiot Donovan start Adam over Kanter. Kanter is obviously the more talented of the two. It’s so frustrating! I have noticed that in both of the blowout games Kanter exploded, and in game 2 which was close, he got less run. Do you guys think tonight’s game ends up being close? Love your articles. I’m a die hard believer of you guys!

    • Can’t really start Kanter. He’s one of the worst defensive big men in the league (if not the worst). He’s such a liability that it evens out much of what he provides on offense. He’s a fine second unit player because he impacts scoring when either KD or Russ (or both not out there) but he’s totally and completely exposed on D.

      • Can i just add that Frank Kaminsky might be the biggest rival for Kanter for worst defensive big in the league. If you find yourself watching that game, look for him. I thought it was comedy. He guards and rebounds like i would against a 7 footer, get the hell out of the way.

  13. What do we think of Jordan Hill today? Rotoworld seems to think he could see some minutes. Mahinmi now questionable. If Mahinmi sits, that makes myles turner pretty much a must. Would it be stupid to stack him with Jordan Hill? Risky i’m sure but i’m a GPP guy anyway. $2,600 on DK, could be today’s Jerebko.

    And does anyone have thoughts on Felton as a GPP play? I’m thinking his ceiling might be kind of low now with his price climbing. Or do i need to lock in that value? I want to assume OKC blows this game open early, but their defense has not been very good and it’s let DAL hang around longer than they should.

  14. I understand he’s a liability defensively, but it’s not like Dallas has Olajuwin back there making posters!

    • Agreed. But I suspect Kanter’s defensive issues stretch far beyond just his inability to defend the likes of Mejri and Pachulia. I don’t think he understands rotations or how to effectively negate interior driving.

      Also it isn’t like OKC is having to make any major change in the short term to their approach. They’ve throttled Dallas two of the three games.

      But I get it. Kanter is enticing to want to start because if the minutes increased significantly he’s a fantasy stud.

      • You can’t start Kanter. You can play Westbrook and Durant with three guys from the stands and still put up points. When they do their first substitution rotation they have to have a guy like Kanter off the bench or the second unit would never score. Kanter allows them to stretch the floor when it’s just Durant or Westbrook out there with the b team.

        • Right, I meant I understand why fans call for, not because I think it makes sense. His role off the bench is crucial for them. But he’s death by exposure when on the court for too long.

  15. Walker, Westbrook, Lin, Wade, Aminu, George, Williams, Turner and Kanter. What do you guys think?

  16. need advice……………..is there any chance cole Aldrich or Jordan hill have a 5x value day? please share wisdom

    • I think there’s a chance, not safe, but a chance that jordan hill does. That comes with two caveats: mahinmi sits, and Vogel decides to mix things up by going with more hill than lavoy allen. but i think it’s possible. And curious to hear other’s thoughts on this as well.

    • If you must pick one i’d go with Aldrich. If mahinmi is out turner will most likely be relied upon more than hill. Ind won’t count on hill in basically a do or die game. Aldrich will see court time irregardless of it being a close game or blowout.

      • Can’t disagree with Corey either.

        • For me Jordan Hill is in consideration as a big tourny, DK-only ($2,600) flyer if mahinmi sits. But he could throw up a 0 no question.

  17. lillard,wes mat,pg,dirk,kant,walk,dc,plum!!!

  18. Heads up I just got an alert… Dirk is now a gtd

  19. My thoughts…. just based on research with odd stats usually not taken into consideration.
    TOP PLAY TONIGHT (Highest FPP): Tough bc it’s between the 2 chalk guys, but I’m gon agree with Doug & say KD slightly over Russ but I don’t think you go wrong with either or both.
    TOP VALUE PLAYS: a few to consider today. Look to Canada, DEMARRE CARROLL – simply put, he’s just been a HUGE factor in this series so far & is only $3700 on DK. And also CJ JOSEPH – even as a backup he’s putting up great value for $3200 DK. MARVIN HARKLESS – starting, $4400, should at very least give 20 FPP tonight. DION WAITERS – hell of a game last outing, not saying he’s gon replicate this, but if you need to save some money Dion might be the guy to take esp if KD & Russ don’t have to carry the team, which I don’t believe they will, it’ll prob be a big FPP party in the 2nd half for OKC 2nd unit. 2 more for good luck, JUSTICE WINSLOW & JOSH RICHARDSON, simply bc they’ve both got a ton of min each game & have put up FPP well above their projections.
    MUST PLAYS (based on both price & FPP): DRAGIC, VALANCIUNAS, LIN, DENG, & FELTON.
    AVOID: JOE JOHNSON, CJ MCCOLLUM, AL JEFFERSON – bc it’s clear all 3 are in bad matchups & can’t get their game going.
    SLEEPER OF THE DAY: MASON PLUMLEE. Boy just keeps putting up numbers, when he stops, then I’ll stop picking him, but he hasn’t let me down in a while.
    Just sharing my thoughts. Hope it can help a lil, let’s all get a piece of the pie tonight. Peace & Love.

    PS – Thank you Doug for this page & your write ups. Your always helpful, continuously follow up throughout the day in comments, & help a lot of us get our base lineup players. Def appreciate DFSR!!!

  20. How sold are you against McCollum? I went pretty strong win him on fd for only 6800

    • i always get shown up by doug when i comment on something like this like the Jerbko play last night that had i stuck in a few more lineups i woulda cashed out way better than what i did…but i kinda disagree with the stay away from Jefferson and McCollum plays only because they are both playing at home…the environment is better for them…. and players have sweet spots on their home floors. Al put up at least 35 points his last 3 of four outings. McCollum on the other hand has had a a couple bad shooting nights on the road but i think that can change in a what can be a very pivotal game three in Portland. only my thoughts i agree with most of everything else that was written.

  21. Optimizer was on point for me last night after I x’d out Milsap and Drummond and hit enter. If you look at the entire season Drummond makes sense but if you are watching the series you just can’t play him. Free throw problem for starters but also Cavs have gone small a lot and REALLY small at times with 3 guards. If you listened to SVG after the game he said it was a lot more than free throws and with the lineups the Cavs were putting out there Drummond just wasn’t playable because he can’t do a lot of things he’s needed to do when the Cavs go small. The thing that got me off Drummond late in the season was the Tobias Harris trade. Tobias is a pretty solid rebounder and it just meant less rebounds.

    Milsap for some of the same reasons. I think what gets lost in the playoffs is some of these dudes rack up stats in staggered offenses when the b-team comes in and you just don’t see that as much in the playoffs. Milsap did a lot of work in the season when guys like Teague, Bazemore and Horford were on the bench.

    Should be a interesting slate today. All four home teams in must win games.

    • Yeah. System going to have a little trouble sussing some of these finer details out, especially in extended rotations.

    • Good thoughts. I think Millsap can do better if he can start making some shots. Felt like he blew a lot of opportunities last game. But you might be right, especially at his current price. Agree that today should be a good one.

      • I heard this on ESPN a long time ago and so far its seems to be true but if teams aren’t literally attacking the rack when Boston is home…Bostons court is one of the hardest courts to shoot on in the league because of the blocky floor design! Millsap will be way better at home for sure dude is a beast

  22. Who do you guys think is safer for a cash game….Jefferson or Kanter?

  23. Here is tonight’s premier L/U for FantasyAces. Good luck everyone!

    G D.Wade 33.99 5,550.00
    G J.Lin 20.44 4,100.00
    G W.Matthews 20.33 4,250.00
    F B.Griffin 26.67 5,950.00
    F A.Aminu 21.32 3,950.00
    F P.Patterson 16.84 3,600.00
    C H.Whiteside 39.73 6,150.00
    Util A.Jefferson 24.60 4,600.00
    Util C.Paul 44.98 6,700.00

  24. Should I stack players from tdot and indiana for the freeroll? It’s hard to place in those freerolls!

  25. I think Lillard and Plumlee tonight, Blazers season on the line tonight. I agree Plumlee is a beast can’t believe he isn’t more on FanDuel. Anyone have thoughts on Lee or Lin with Batum out. I Have went with Lin on most teams, I feel like his ceiling is higher with Lin?????

    • I will be singing the dropping dimes song everytime dame gets off tonight lol I faded Westbrook for him in a few lineups

  26. **UPDATE**
    Myles Turner STARTING. Premier lineup for FantasyAces below…

    G D.Wade 33.99 5,550.00
    G J.Lin 20.44 4,100.00
    G C.Paul 44.98 6,700.00
    F P.Patterson 16.84 3,600.00
    F B.Griffin 26.67 5,950.00
    F A.Aminu 21.32 3,950.00
    C M.Turner 23.61 4,400.00
    Util H.Whiteside 39.73 6,150.00
    Util A.Jefferson 24.60 4,600.00

  27. Walrus there a promo code you know I can enter

  28. Now Rollin Lin Wade Deng Williams Whiteside Walker Johnson Stack with JV at centre
    And a Joseph Lee Carrol Patterson Adams Westbrook Durant CP3

  29. well, well, well……………thanks for pullin for me last night………….I did a little better……294.9

    I won on 3 out of 5 H2Hs but still lost on all tourney plays…..I was too late on my 50/50s and double ups…..didn’t get entered in time………..anyway…….got to do better tonight……going with……….



    • Looks good other than Adams. I think u could pull a better C today. But looks good. I’ll play it!

  30. Can’t get a good handle on SG. Just a lot of meh, maybe and what ifs…

  31. Alright fellas… Lots of editing and re editing this morning. Keeping my JV Cha Mia stack lineup, now I’ve got this one as well,
    Cory Derozan Winslow Patterson Biyombo Lowry Durant Westbrook. (Both for Large Tournemants)

  32. Not feeling Lin or M Williams today at all. I think Kemba and Big Al are going to carry Charlotte with some Courtney Lee upside at his price. Dwyane Wade at $7,600 seems like a lock at SG as well. I know…feel like I’m throwing darts lately.

  33. I’m going all home players today

  34. Anybody worried Dirk Nowitzki might not play?

    • No because I didn’t play him 😉

      But no I wouldn’t expect him to be out.

  35. What’s the word on Dirk? Was he downgraded, or is he still probable?

  36. Me. Big concern, because the options are pretty much nil

  37. I wish they would just rule Deron Williams out. If he plays, that changes some guard scoring

  38. Turner can suck my left toe way to embrace starting you turd

  39. Nicolas totally with you. Was all in on him. Figured him and PG13 would show up with backs against wall

  40. Lowry must have heard I put him on my fantasy team. He always plays like crap when I have him. Fml

  41. Sad thing is I had mihimi in a few lineups and took him out and played turner. I guess that’s what separates the GPP pros and the wannabes

  42. Mahinmi and Hill are the only 2 to hit value for either team

  43. I hate u too Lowry.. Good game idiot. Stand still on offense. Run around fouling everyone on defense

  44. the reasons paul George and myles turner did so poorly for us today is three fold………………..

    1. Toronto is weak……they played like they didn’t care if they won or not
    2. turner is a loser………….proof……………he only shows up from time to time
    3. George is lazy from time to time………..like today…..but why excel? “i’ll never be an mvp caliber anyway and Toronto don’t want it so why dominate”

    you see……………..it’s all a crapshoot

    anyone agree?

    • Yeah PG didn’t need to do much because Toronto was so bad

  45. Oh wait Norman Powell got to 5X with that last 3 so 3 people hit value

  46. 3x value from these guys is gonna make it difficult………….could be a rageful day

  47. Would like to have gotten in on mahinmi, but otherwise glad I avoided that raptors/pacers game altogether. Will be interested to see how things shake out min wise with hornets change in lineup.

    And I want whatever Miami has been drinking for the last week to shoot like this

  48. somebody give me the good word on Lee……………..is he really taking it to Miami?

  49. Deron Williams in. Good God. Time to edit. How much is this going to affect Felton, Matthews, and Barea?

  50. The Williams news sucks!!
    Doug, he’s likely to see minutes restriction. Roll with Felton/Barea as normal?
    Does Plumlee come to play tonight or pull another no show??
    Kanter is tough to bench at those prices.

  51. Jim, you know better!
    4 points. 2 rebounds. Then other stats…

  52. I have my doubts on Dirk again tonight! Doesn’t it make more sense to roster Griffin and a cheap option like Davis or Lee?? Lee especially if he can go and Dirk is really hobbled. Or Lee to get more time if game is likely out of hand again??

  53. hey guys should i dump Dirk Nowitzki? i HAVE SECOND THOUGHTS?

    • I’m staying with dirk. Because I don’t see Blake getting 40 plus fdp tonight.

  54. boy that Courtney lee is a piece of crap………………..can you believe it……..I selected him again………..guess what that makes me………………………a 100% total dumbass…………..wow…………more disappointed in myself than any nba scrub.

  55. I believe Courtney Lee may just be the worst MPG player in the history of basketball!! Guy plays 40 minutes every game and barely scores, rebounds, or assists! And, it’s not like he’s Gary Payton, Bruce Bowen, or Kawhi on defense!

  56. He’s a pretty good defender. Also he used to be a great 3 point shooter and great defender when he was with the rockets

  57. Deron Williams absolutely destroyed Barea’s mojo. If Williams sits out, I guarantee Barea plays better

  58. DJ, key words… Used to! Matthews may be in that MPG discussion. Plays 40 mins and basically does nothing on the stat sheet 19 out of 20 games.

  59. It’s tough NOT to roster guys that start AND play 40 mins a game. Just glad I talked myself into playing Lin and Waiters over both of those guys in most of my lineups.

  60. I’m just hoping late game goes well for me! In a $5, 1100 person GPP with this lineup…
    Wishing I would have stuck with my gut and played Kanter over Plumlee but I tend to favor starters for the most part if I can afford them.

  61. Just cashed in big again thanks to the optimizer

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