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Daily Fantasy MLB Hitter Stacks FanDuel & DraftKings 7/5/16

Welcome to our new daily article breaking down some of the other stacking targets on this slate. We covered our system's top value plays in our daily picks article and pitching breakdown but here we will look at other dudes to consider.

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A quick heads up - we post an updates article every day in the early afternoon, EST, to catch everyone up on how things are changing as a result of whatever news has come through. We also have great talks in the comments of that article. Hope to see you there!

Stacking in DFS MLB is such an important concept if you’re looking to take down a big tournament on FanDuel or DraftKings. It’s also a good way to diversify cash games because the variance in baseball can mean wild swings (ahem) in the scoring on a particular slate. The concept is easy. You want to pile players from one or two teams into your lineups because those guys compound scores by helping each other score runs when the going is good.

Stack Targets

Arizona Diamondbacks vs.Christian Friedrich (SD)

The Arizona Diamondbacks will be going up against Christian Friedrich, who has allowed 14 ER in his last three outings (not a typo). He's been bad as of late and going from Petco Park to Chase Field is trouble awaiting to happen. Yes he has an ERA under four, but when you look at his peripherals: 4.77 xFIP and 7.1 K-BB%, that ERA is going to take a good hit.

The Dbacks are in the middle of the pack when it comes to facing right-handed hitters. They might not be the best team offensively, but they have quite a few things in their favor:

1. Park. Chase Field is one of the friendliest parks to hitters.

2. This game has a 9.5 run total. This is like a game at Coors (run total is high) , so getting exposure to the Dbacks is a great option for tournaments.

3. Christian Friedrich owns a 5.02 ERA in his last five starts.

I know the Dbacks were kind of a disappointment last night, but in DFS, you need to forget about it and use the same stack/player if they are in a great position for success.

Oakland Athletics vs. Tommy Milone(MIN)

I know the Athletics aren't a team that you tend to stack on a day-to-day basis, but I love them tonight. I'm not sure if it's because they will be going up against Tommy Milone or the fact that they eat left-handed pitchers for breakfast. What the heck -- I love them for both of those reasons.

Tommy Milone is a southpaw that has had his share of struggles this season since returning from the DL. He is sporting a 6.23 ERA that is backed up by a 5.31 FIP. That is all very appealing when looking to stack against a pitcher, but there is one thing in particular that stood out the most to me. And that was opponents hard contact rate against him. They own a 40.0% hard contact rate, which explains why his FIP and ERA are so inflated. Things have been ugly and going up against the A's (.179 IS0 vs. lefties) sure isn't going to help him out. I'm all in on Oakland tonight.

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Cleveland Indians vs Anibal Sanchez (DET)

The Indians are just on fuego! There are no other words to describe what they are doing. They had not lost a single game since the Cavilers won the NBA Finals (snapped over the weekend); so don't mess with the tribe! They have won 16 out of there last 18 contest,which is just insane! So I'll have some exposure to these guys, as they will be going up against Anibal Sanchez.

Sanchez was a spectacular ballplayer in his prime -- but he's no longer in his prime. He's 32 years old and has struggled mightily. He sports a 6.05 ERA that is backed up by a 5.24 xFIP (YIKES). One of the key issues for Sanchez has been control and command in his pitches. He owns a 10.0 BB% to go along with a 17.9 K%. The stuff just isn't there anymore for the veteran, so look for the red-hot Indians to have themselves a night -- yet again!



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  1. Pretty sure the Indians lost to the Blue Jays a few days ago but they are still killing it

  2. Yeah I fixed it! Thanks Joe. Cardinals are in play as well.

  3. As Cardinals fan, I can confidently say that the Pirates are very much in play as well.

  4. The Emails were messed up today. When I clicked on “read full article” it takes me to July 4th’s picks. Not today’s. You guys are still awesome!

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