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FanDuel NBA Picks and DraftKings NBA Picks - Sunday 9/6/20

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Bucks Bucks (1) vs. Heat Heat (-1)

It's getting late early in the Heat/Bucks series, so much so that Vegas has flipped the line from Bucks -5 to Heat -1 in spite of the entire series being played on a neutral court. Does Vegas think the Bucks are just done here? Do the book makers think that Coach Bud will keep sleepwalking through the series with 35-36 minutes a game for Giannis and Middleton? Time will tell. Let's take a look at the DFS plays for this one.

Will Coach Bud finally take off the training wheels for Giannis and Middleton? It's the million dollar question. You have to think that a sweep means the end of his term in Milwaukee, but he came right out and said that Giannis and Middleton are at their "max minutes." I nonetheless think that both of those guys are utterly playable. The must play from the Bucks has to be Brook Lopez (FD $5800 DK $5800), who played 38 minutes last game. He shot 17 times, and just looks indispensable to the Bucks right now. I also like Eric Bledsoe (FD $5200 DK $5600), who is playing 30 minutes but priced like he's playing 25.

The Heat are looking overpriced as far as our projection system is concerned, with the entire world seemingly riding high on their incredible 7 game run in the playoffs so far. That being said, Jae Crowder (FD $5100 DK $5600) is still underpriced given that he is all of a sudden playing crunch time for the Heat, and Bam Adebayo (FD $8200 DK $8300) looks utterly unstoppable out there. I think there is even minutes upside as the Heat go to close this one out.

Rockets Rockets (5.5) vs. Lakers Lakers (-5.5)

Well that was somewhat surprising. The Rockets ran the Lakers starters off the floor in game one, and it's particularly scary for Lakers fans because they didn't even go off from three. They made 14 three pointers at a 35.9% clip, so there's significant room for growth in the area of the game where they are strongest. Honestly, things just looked hard for the Lakers offensively. They weren't getting the ball to Davis in good spots, and the number of bad threes they jacked up en route to an 11-28 shooting night was alarming. I don't think they'll go quietly into the night, though, and there are certainly a lot of DFS relevant plays here.

Our system is enamored with the Lakers in this game two. We didn't get to see them really unfurl their wings in game one, losing playing time to the blowout, but both LeBron James (FD $10500 DK $10800) and Anthony Davis (FD $11400 DK $10600) are too cheap relative to the 40+ minutes they almost have to play in this one. Our system also likes some value plays around the edges, with the Lakers concentrating minutes into Rajon Rondo (FD $4700 DK $3300) coming off the bench. He is an absolute must on DraftKings at those prices. You can also talk me into fitting Danny Green and KCP into my lineups, but with only mild enthusiasm.

Houston isn't looking quite as attractive from a DFS perspective. I'm not dissuaded by the minutes from game one since we know the Rockets will happily play Harden 40+ minutes when the going gets tough. I can't get behind investing in him, though, since our system likes LeBron, AD, and Giannis better from a points per dollar perspective. We bought low on Russell Westbrook (FD $9000 DK $8500) to great effect last game, and he's still at a decent price for this one. Robert Covington (FD $7000 DK $6400) will be hugely owned today, though, given the scarcity at power forward once again.

Alright! Will a one seed get a win for once? Time will tell. In the meantime, let's have fun building some daily fantasy basketball lineups.







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