How to win at Daily Fantasy Sports without spending all day doing research

Are you sick of reading picks articles that seem to regurgitate the same advice without leading to consistent winning?

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And Let's face it. In the Daily Fantasy Sports industry, you get a lot of pretty similar advice. There's a reason for this, of course... on a given night, there are typically 15-20 players that are a clear cut above the other options. To really dig deeper, and have those huge scores? You're going to need more.

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As someone who makes these picks every day, I want to let you in on a little secret. All of us who make these picks on a regular basis do so BEFORE we actually make our lineups. There are a lot of reasons for this, but most of it comes down to not wanting to do the work twice. So much happens over the course of a day that it would be pretty silly to set lineups, and then make picks, and then set lineups again.

This leads to an interesting problem for the casual reader of daily fantasy sports information.

Very often, you can't construct an entire lineup with only players you find in a "picks" article!

So, as a reader, you start to scramble. You try to do your own guesswork. Which PF for $6,200 or less do I like best on FanDuel? Were Jimmy Graham's 16 touchdowns a fluke last year, or can I count on him to produce that kind of upside again this year? Ugh. We've all been there. And we've all sat there at the end of the night, and thought... "WHY DID I START THIS GUY!?!?!"

Well, we now have a solution for you.

We're prepared to give you full access to the system that produces our basketball, football, AND baseball picks for Draftster, DraftKings, and FanDuel on a day to day basis.

basketball productWhat this means is that you can see, for yourself, exactly what our system projects for every single player in the NBA AND in the NFL. You'll have access to a sortable, web-integrated spreadsheet (examples below), as well as an interactive web-integrated table (examples above) which will allow you to tinker and fiddle until you produce the lineups that looks perfect to you.


It's time to make your own advice.

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Why pay for this service? In Daily Fantasy Sports, it all comes down to having an edge that your opponents don't have. Everyone has access to the free stuff, and everyone reads the same articles. With our tool? You can peek behind the curtain and get that extra edge that can turn near misses into cashes, and decent cashes into huge scores.

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