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    Doug Norrie

    We Got Nets - A Brooklyn Nets Podcast

    The We Got Nets show is a Brooklyn Nets Podcast hosted by DFSR’s Doug Norrie and Adam Armbrecht. They’ll be coming to you all season long with breakdowns and previews of games, Brooklyn Nets news and coverage, hijinks, NBA League talk and much more.

    Doug Norrie has been covering daily fantasy NBA predictions and content for years, managing the site’s databases and working to provide daily basketball coverage.

    Adam Armbrecht is a life-long Nets fan since the New Jersey/ Meadowlands days. He brings a unique perspective on the team, the moves the fanbase want to see, how the team has grown from something of a laughingstock in recent years and much more.

    In their first episode, the guys look at the NBA Finals and how the Warriors and Raptors series specifically could effect the Nets in free agency.

    You can listen to their first episode below.

    Listen to "We Got Nets - The Finals are Over. What Now for the Nets?" on Spreaker.

    You can also follow along all season to new episodes wherever you listen to podcasts.

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    2 Visitor Comments

    1. Great first attempt. But since you can not see how DLO and KI could work…. Clearly you are not the brightest bulbs on the tree. I hope Mark’s smarter than you. After that show, I think you both are taking more than your fair share of oxygen. But lets pretend that last show didn’t happen. Brooklyn has proved that putting multiple guards on the floor works. They need defense, period. A back court like DLO, KI, CL, JH, and SD would be unmatched. Not to mention cheap. The weakness is the stretch 4. They can get a several stretch fours, retain ALL the core, and sign KI in one sweep. STOP TRIPPIN.
      Happy to be on your show, it’s clean to me it needs brains.

    2. Thanks for listening! Respectfully disagree on the two guard sets with those two guys specifically. There aren’t too many examples of two on-ball guards with fundamental issues on defense (which both have) co-existing on a winning team (and by winning I mean deeper playoff runs). Maybe you have an example that I’m missing. The closest recently would be CJ-Dame but the former is excellent on defense and a far cry on that end of the court from either Kyrie or Russell. Again, you can have multiple guards on the court for sure (every team does) but these specific skillsets aren’t typically paired up and for good reason. Thanks again for listening and responding!

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