What you're doing here

At Daily Fantasy Sports Rankings, we know you are tired of two things:

1) A lack of good, free, statistics-based analysis online.

2) Slogging through every single player on FanDuel, DraftKings, DraftPot, or wherever, trying to figure out the best value plays each day for each position.

Since we do it every day, we're hoping to show you our thought process. To help you put together optimal daily fantasy sports lineups.


What do we get from this?

It's simple. If you appreciate what we're doing, consider upgrading to becoming a premium member and get access to the very projection system we use to put together our picks each day.

Who are we?

Daily Fantasy Expert Doug Norrie

Doug Norrie

Doug Norrie is the Editor in Chief of DFSR, and handles DFSR’s social media presence. He has written for the popular online publication cinemablend.com for 6 years, and writes 60% of DFSR’s strategy articles. He's also the creator and maintainer of DFSR's projection systems - which properly weighs factors in each of the four major sports to spit out deadly accurate projections. He also happens to be a dad, if you care about that sort of thing. You can email him at doug@dailyfantasysportsrankings.com.

 Daily Fantasy Expert James Davis

James Davis

A former professional poker player, James Davis is the CEO of DFSR. He handles the creation and maintenance of the website, the creation and distribution of DFSR’s eBooks, and the creation and design of DFSR’s premium products. He handles all corporate and affiliate partnerships. James is also the founder of Go Camp Pro, Summer Camp Revolution, and Camp Stomping Ground. Want to talk business? You can reach James by emailing him at james@dailyfantasysportsrankings.com.


Casey Carruthers

Casey Carruthers is DFSR's lead college football analyst. He covers everything from the SEC to the furthest reaches of the Mid-American. He's been playing year-long CFB leagues since before you knew they existed. What we're saying is, Casey understands the context necessary to make top level college football picks in a way that no other person in the industry does. Casey also dabbles from time-to-time in our NBA section. On Saturdays in the fall you can find him ignoring his wife and kids.


Lineup Lab

Lineup Lab has one goal in mind: Develop powerful daily fantasy sports software for the common man. Their core product is an advanced lineup optimizer for NBA, NFL, & MLB. But what makes Lineup Lab special? Glad you asked! When it comes to lineup creation there are 2 core components, great projection data and great optimization algorithms. Lineup Lab is the only product to specialize in optimization while utilizing projection data from the industry's top providers. By leveraging partners like DFSR, Lineup Lab can provide more accuracy, more power, and more winning lineups than anyone else! DFSR has licensed its NBA projections to Lineup Lab, and it is a truly useful tool in leveraging DFSR's projections to maximum possible effect.

 Fantasy Data

Fantasy Data

FantasyData is our sports data provider of choice, and their extensive data sets power our industry leading daily fantasy projections. They're fast, reliable, and are a highly responsive to the needs of the growing daily fantasy sports industry. We highly recommend them for anyone who needs a data feed!



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