How to Win at Daily Fantasy Sports Without Spending All DAy Doing Research.

Are you sick of reading picks articles that seem to regurgitate the same advice without leading to consistent winning?

Let’s face it. In the Daily Fantasy Sports industry, you get a lot of pretty similar advice. There’s a reason for this,
of course... on a given night, there are typically 15-20 players that are a clear cut above the other options.

To really dig deeper, and have those huge scores? You’re going to need more.

Featuring: The DFSR Lineup Construction Tool


Gathers all relevant contextual data that might impact a player's performance on a given night

Each Player's 50th percentile projection is displayed in an easily sortable and searchable table

Mix and Match to create your optimal lineups for each day

And our users are crushing it.

"Took your advice and paid really close attention and used your picks with a few of my own and look what happened!"

"@dailyfantasysr thanks for the tools to win the moonshot!"

"Boom! Came up just short, but still a great night!"

Check out this video on how it works!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The system is updated every day by 9:30 AM, and usually the night before (depending on when the sites announce their games). If something major happens during the day, we will try to update it to reflect those changes. If you noticed something that we don't (like a starting pitcher getting scratched), let us know, and we'll have it changed within a half an hour in most cases.
NFL: The projections you see are based on all sorts of factors, including strength of opponent, a player's projected opportunity, positional volatility, supporting cast, overall team effectiveness, last season's performance, this year's performance, and regression of certain outlying trends that are unlikely to repeat themselves.
NBA: The projections you'll see in the tool are based on this season's performance (weighted heavily toward recent performance/minutes), the team the player is facing, how that team performs against the player's position, and a player's current playing situation (updated as best we can for injuries, starting lineup changes, etc).
MLB: For Baseball, we use trusted season long projections and then break them down to offer an average projection for that day's games. We take into account nearly every consideration you can think of (park factors, handedness, historical match-up data, etc). We do NOT care about who "is hot," or things like that. We only take into consideration repeatable, statistically significant information.
NFL: Yes. We do our best to project exactly how a player will be utilized in a given game.
NBA: Our system incorporates our best guess from the previous night. News that comes in within a few hours of game time needs to be accounted for by the user.
MLB: Yes and No. All projections assume a player is starting that day. It's your job to make sure he's projected to start before putting him in a lineup. We do this because you should never play a sub, and because many players actually become quite useful on minimum salaries when they do start. Our system does take into account where a player bats in the line-up, and adjusts his rating accordingly.
NFL: We adjust all rankings based on a player's current situation. Again, if something looks out of line, just contact us and we'll figure it out for you.
NBA: If a player's situation changes (i.e., he gets announced as starter), we recommend you check his recent minutes, and multiply his performance based on how many more minute you think he will get. For example - if a player had been scoring 15 fantasy points in 20 minutes per game, and you think he'll play 30 minutes after being named a starter, you can add 50% to his projected point total as well. In this case, 50% of 15 is 7.5, so you should project that player at 22.5 points.
MLB: No problem - all projections assume a guy will get his full slate of ABs for the game.
NFL: Everything should look good in the NFL! If something looks crazy, email us.
NBA: There's some chance we'll have to list a certain position twice. If Russell Westbrook MIGHT miss the next game, we'll give projections from DJ Augustin as a starter AND Westbrook as a starter. If Augustin were coming off the bench, you wouldn't play him.
MLB: Lots of guys you have never heard of have tremendous platoon splits, and would perform just fine if they had the opportunity to. Many of these guys don't get a chance to play because they are blocked by better players, or they suck at fielding, etc, so most people have never heard of them. This is why you'll see a lot of players listed as "good plays" who are at the minimum salary.
Just genetics, baby. If we could teach you, we would.