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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Picks for Draft Street 12/15/13

Because you’re a shark, I know you’re probably knee deep in the fantasy football playoffs. Either that or you’re like me and the season is over for you. All the better. More time to focus on NBA. Take a look how we did yesterday with our Draft Street picks. Aside from a Jeff Teague complete no-show, the picks were strong.

Mini-slate with six games this evening. Remember, they start at 6PM, so don't get caught up and miss submitting a lineup. Let's take a look at Sunday's value.

It's also worth noting that I like a lot of these same guys on Fan Duel today.


Honestly, there isn't a ton of value in the guard position today. Most of the nice prices are in the Thunder/Magic game, but with a line of OKC -13.5 there's simply too much risk of a blowout there. You can "keep an eye on" some guys, but the game is a stayaway for me. Meaning you should load up on:

Eric Bledsoe $15,064 and Goran Dragic $15,004- This is a little more expensive than I like to go in the recommendations, but Bled”show” and the Dragon get such a nice matchup here that I’ll put them up as a backcourt rec and try to save my money at forward where there are some nicer prices. I’m also probably being influenced by knowing I’ll be watching this on League Pass tonight. For all the Warrior backcourt does on the offensive end, they don’t lock it down on defense. (RECAP: 40.25 FPPs $$$ and 30.25 FPPs $$ respectively)

Keep an eye on Reggie Jackson $10,317 - Victor Oladipo $13,185

Avoid Isaiah Thomas $15,512 - Russell Westbrook $18,165


Nic Batum $14,432 - Besides that he just seems like a cool dude to hang out with, and is a bit of a Swiss Army Knife on the court, Batum is the perfect cash game player. He isn’t flashy. He doesn’t excel in any one area of the offense. But he is a triple double threat every night. The Pistons are near the bottom of the league against small forwards. Plus the Blazers got their rest last night when they absolutely annihilated the Sixers. He didn’t play the fourth quarter and still put up a 17/9/5 line. (RECAP: 30.25 FPPs $$)

Ryan Anderson $13,935 - After starting out as a huge value play following The Brow’s injury, Anderson has cooled off a bit, putting up some subpar shooting nights his last four games. Rest assured, he puts it back together against the Nuggets and their revolving door of forwards. Granted, the Nuggets biggest problem is interior defense, but I still think Anderson takes advantage from beyond the arc, and picks up a few extra rebounds. (RECAP: 32.5 FPPs $$$)

Keep an eye on Harrison Barnes $12,134 - Wilson Chandler $11,502 - Chandler Parsons $12,101

Avoid Rudy Gay $14,756 - Lamarcus Aldridge $21,964


Andrew Bogut $11,810 - Gave you this pick the other night and he didn’t disappoint. Grab him again while the price remains in the midrange. This is if you can’t get Boogie Cousins in the lineup because of price. The Suns are about average versus centers, but there isn’t a ton of value at the position tonight. There are a number of speculative guys to roll the dice on. I suggest playing it safe with a fairly priced Bogut. (RECAP: 30 FPPs $$$$)

Keep an eye on Jason Smith $11,951

Avoid Nikola Pekovic $13,668 - Dwight Howard $20,460

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