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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Picks for Draft Street 12/18/13

Absolutely huge night in the NBA with twelve games on the docket. Take a look back to last night’s picks to see how we did. All in all, a good slate of recommendations.

I’ll give a few extra plays tonight because there are just so many games going down. With this many games on tap, inevitably there will be some plug and play options down the stretch so keep your eyes out.


We have one goal tonight, save money on the guards to pay big money on the forwards. Let other people in your league cram dollars into overpriced guards with suboptimal matchups. Not you. You’re intelligent, logical and dare-I-say fairly attractive. Especially the hair. Great hair on you. Anyway, lets save some shekels here to spend later.

The only two “big names” ** I’m even looking at are Damian Lillard (a DSFR pick last night, and ooh was it a good one) and Rubio below. I’m just not seeing many PGs that whet my whistle.

**Kentavious Caldwell Pope is a “big name” by the strict, “number of letter” definition, but not really what I meant above.

Ricky Rubio $12,993 - I don’t know if the little Spaniard’s ears were ringing, but we were just talking about him. Like in the paragraph right above this one. This game is going to be up and down the court, which helps Rubio in two ways. One: he can run the break. Two: he won’t have the as many chances to spot up and shoot. A thing he can’t do. I love Rubio’s upside here. After a few down games, his price is right in range where I can slot him in and feel good about the value.

Beno Udrih $6,676 - Raymond Felton is out with injuries to several parts of his lower body. Pablo Prigioni is dead I think. Or at least not playing. And because NBA rules insist a team dribble the ball up over halfcourt on possessions, Udrih gets the play here. Granted, most of the Knick offense will revolve around Udrih slowly dribbling the ball up and handing it to ‘Melo for an iso, but still, that can garner assists with the right scorekeeper. Again, remember that we are saving money.

Mo Williams $7,809 - This is a little speculation, but on a big night we need to try to hit a few home runs. Lillard went 38 ridiculous minutes of basketball deliciousness last night. Which means Mo could stand to pick up some extra run tonight. This will be an up tempo game against the T-wolves which plays to Williams’ strengths of just kind of running around the court, doing weird s@#$. Short of grabbing steals, Rubio and co. don’t defend the PG position much. If Mo gets some minutes, he could be a nice play.

Gerald Henderson $10,475 - He’s coming off a big night and gets a Toronto team in transition. And not the good kind of transition, like I’m transitioning from the jacuzzi inside to the sauna. No the bad kind of transition, the one where you try to lose on purpose. That kind. They Raptors don’t do well with shooting guards so look for Henderson to get plenty of looks at a nice dollar mark.

Keep an eye on Kyle Korver $9,886 - Jamal Crawford $9,511 - Wesley Matthews $10,509 - Jerry Bayless $8,915 (if Conley sits again)

Avoid - Most of the guards above Lillard on the price list



Now here’s where you spend your dough. I’m finding a way to get the first two guys into my lineups without hesitation

Blake Griffin $16,477 - For D/U formats, Griffin is steady Eddie. No not the comedian. It’s a saying. Whatever. Blake just puts up mid-thirties fantasy point production every night. And tonight will be no different. Facing up against the Pelicans without Anthony Davis, there are a couple of different mismatches he can exploit. Griffin is a must-start IMO.

Carmelo Anthony $18,999 - This is why we saved our money on guards. To get ‘Melo in there as well. He’s in the second tier in terms of pricing which I think is a mistake you need to exploit. He’s been playing at a high level and the Knicks really don’t have anyone else to give the ball to to score consistently. I like him a little more for sites that don’t count missed shots, but Melo against the Bucks should provide significant returns.

Kawhi Leonard $11,776 - For all the talk of the Spurs and “minutes”, Leonard gets his thirty every night. I like him in the double up format when the price is right because he’s fairly consistent and has upside when the matchup is choice. Tonight is just such a night. Phoenix is garbage against the small forward position.

Keep an eye on Chandler Parsons $12,829 -  Gordon Hayward $12,782

Avoid Kevin Love $22,654 - David West $12,346  - Josh Smith $13,313



Andrea Bargnani $11,288 - Again, the Knicks are running out of options. They get a bad Bucks team so the game should stay close. And I like Bargnani being able to stretch the floor a little for some threes. This is a strict value play as the Bucks are near the bottom of the league against opposing centers. Bargnani isn’t a center in the truest sense of the word. Centers usually, you know, rebound. But I like the chances of him paying off. (Update: Chandler is back tonight which downgrades Bargnani as he is now coming off the bench. Makes Vucevic below my best value play.)

Keep an eye on Nikola Vucevic $14,771

Avoid Al Horford $16,561

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