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Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks for DraftStreet and FanDuel 1/6/14

Sometimes the daily fantasy stars align just perfectly. Sometimes two teams meet, on a relatively slow night no less, that are singularly focused on running as fast as they can up and down the court. Tonight is one of those nights. Minnesota and Philly clash in a game with an over/under of 529 (approx.). Not defense will be played. Shots will be heaved from the heavens. And you need to have these guys in your lineup.

Going to keep it relatively simple today. With only three games going and one of them the track meet that will be Wolves/ Sixers, you are targeting heavily dudes from that clash. But be careful, not every guy is an across-the-board play. Read point guard carefully, as the considerations are different for different sites.


Point Guard


This position is a bit tricky today depending on what site you’re using. DraftStreet price adjusts quickly so we have slightly different considerations as you’ll see in a moment. Read the first three but pay close attention to Rubio at the bottom.

Darren Collison DS 12568 FD $3800 - Before CP3 went down, Collison was a nice backup point guard who turned in quality minutes off the bench. Now that he’s the starter, his points are an easy translation to increased minutes. Essentially, this is the exact guy we can project based on past performance (not always easy when dealing with injury replacements). I like his price on DS and he is a must start on FD. He will be as close to a 100% start as you’ll ever see and you shouldn’t fade him.

Michael Carter-Williams DS $15865 FD $8800- It’s safe to start MCW in every format today, on both sites, but I really like his DS price a bit more. He should be able to create some steals and fast breaks against Rubio and company. He’s a great price.

Ricky Rubio FD $7200 - Notice for I didn’t list his DraftStreet prices. This is purposeful. While I don’t think he’s a complete stay away there I like the above mentioned guys much better. On FD though, he’ll be in every one of my lineups unless something drastic happens. The price and matchup are just too juicy. Consider this as well: Philly is terrible against PGs, this we knew. But they are particularly bad when it comes to giving up assists and steals. Guess what Rubio excels at? Start him.


Shooting Guard


Kevin Martin DS $10844 FD $6000

Kyle Korver DS $9822 FD $5100

Jamal Crawford DS 11,263 FD $5900

Shooting guard is easy today so I won’t bore you. Martin is my top dollar-for-dollar play on the day on both sites. Philly is so horrendous against shooting guards that Martin is nearly a must start. Korver is actually a close second. Crawford third.  For a position I typically hate filling, I am excited about getting these guys in today.


Small Forward


Bit of a disaster at this position today. Especially on DraftStreet which luckily doesn’t make the distinction between positions. The only across-the-board play is:

Corey Brewer DS 10246 FD 4300 - Brewer is typically a deal on one of the two sites, but rarely both at the same time. After some dreadful performances, he’s played his way back into the good graces of daily fantasy owners. He’s a ballhawk and does a little bit of everything. The matchup is a nice one and his price is much more reasonable on FD.

On FanDuel feel comfortable running out:

Paul Pierce FD $5400 - Now that he’s playing PF in the Nets system, he’s getting starter minutes and using them magnificently.  He’s crushed this salary the last few nights, and I don’t see any reason it won’t continue.

Also consider Evan Turner FD $7800 - Because there are a bunch of cheaper options at other positions you are going to need to spend your money somewhere. Turner could be it. He’s inconsistent and Thad Young has been taking scoring duties away but Turner can still do enough in the stat sheet to pay this price. I don’t love him, but he could work for you.


Power Forward


Kevin Love DS $23525 FD $11200 - Outside of the three horrific free throws he took down in the stretch against the Thunder the other night, K-Love was just his typical beast self. Doing just about everything on the court. No reason to expect that to change tonight. I don’t advocate fading him at these prices, with this small a player pool. Just don’t think there are many ways to go at forward today that provide better dollar-for-dollar value.

Thaddeus Young DS $18804 FD $8400 - No other way to put it, he’s been a beast. A total and complete beast. The pricing is starting to catch up with him, especially on DraftStreet, but on FanDuel, for his production he still carries value. He should be able to score on Minny.

Blake Griffin DS $18752 FD $9400 - The jury is still out on whether he can perform as well wth CP3 out. The first game wasn’t great, but that could be more to do with the Spurs than with Paul’s absence. This is a tricky play. I think some folks will stay away from Blake today because of the reasons just mentioned making it an opportunity for you to separate from the field if he goes off.

Glen Davis FD $5700 / Tobias Harris FD $5400 Both of these guys are great prices on FD with major bumps if Vucevic sits again.

Mike Scott FD $3500 - At the minimum, he makes a nice punting option. I don’t think you’ll need to today, but keep him in the back of your head.




Deandre Jordan DS $14322 FD $6900 - If Vucevic sits again, Deandre could have a field day against the Magic interior. Orlando is about league averaging against rebounding centers but gets crushed by those with shot-blocking in their resume. Deandre could but up big numbers in those two categories.

Spencer Hawes DS $14353 FD $7200 - More of a GPP play because he has a tendency to turn in a stinker every now and again. Like his price on both sites for sure.

Pero Antic DS 7305 FD 3500 - Started at center for the Hawks last game and played about 25 ho-hum minutes. But at these prices, he doesn’t need to be anything more than ho-hum. Plus he looks so freaking scary, you have to play him right?

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