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Doug Norrie

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for ScoreStreak 6/30/14

DFSR has partnered with ScoreStreak: a new, innovative style of DFS play. Gone is the salary finagling, mixing and matching, and hair-pulling that goes into setting lineups. ScoreStreak simplifies the process in an easy-to-use interface. Employing a prop-pick style, ScoresStreak leagues are specific outcome dependent with three categories: Total Bases, Hits, and for pitchers, Strikeouts.

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Total Bases

Nelson Cruz
If you are some kind of prude and obscene numbers rub you the wrong way then feel free to skip down to the next guy because you are about to see some X-rated stuff. Cruz has obliterated lefty pitching this season. His 216 wRC+ is about as high as you'll see (Babip fueled, but who cares) and 1.174 OPS makes me weep for lefties taking the mound against the guy. Poor Joe Saunders. Cruz is the top total bases play by a large margin today.

Jayson Werth
Going slightly off board here but I love Werth today in every format. He's had a bad stretch but I think part of it is simply not having faced enough lefties to boost his overall numbers on the crazy platoon splits he employs. His numbers against lefties this season are real strong, he just doesn't have enough PA's to his name. Look for those numbers to begin regressing as the handedness of his opponents begins to normalize. Solid play today if you are looking to go a little contrarian.



Adam Jones
For starters, Adam Jones hates free things. Take free trips to first base provided by opposing pitchers. Jones wants no part of them sporting one of the lowest BB%'s you'll ever see. So you know he is swinging away. He can strike out some, but that's mitigated by Joe Saunders being equally disinterested in putting batters down swinging. These two predispositions meet at the perfect point on the graph for Jones today. He should be putting the ball in play and the ballpark in Camden Yards only helps matters.

Mike Trout
Not exactly going out on a limb with this guy, but he is the top hitter facing one of the worst pitchers on the slate. The second part of the equation alone is enough to sway the pendulum here. Because ScoreStreak doesn't have salary cap implications, putting the best bats in play against garbage arms is a long term winning strategy.



Alex Wood
Man the Mets strike out a ton and Wood has some big time K upside here. The Metropolitans 24.5 K% against lefties is tied for the second worst in the league and when Wood maintained a decent strikeout rate as a starter, punching out nearly a batter an inning. Not sure I'd put him all the way in my "9 K" slot only because me might not pitch enough innings. But the Mets are brutal against southpaws and Wood has enough putaway stuff to warrant a strong look here.

Jake Arrieta
Arrieta's been mowing down batters this season to the tune of a 10.11 K/9 rate that rates among the leaders in the league. The Red Sox just aren't a strong offense and strikeout about 21% of the time against righties. Arrieta has been a true find for the Cubbies and you can take advantage of others avoiding the Sox on name only.

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