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Daily Fantasy Football Picks Week 6 - ScoreStreak

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QB Touchdowns

Peyton Manning
If you checked in with our week 5 scorestreak picks, you read this about Peyton Manning:

A very interesting week to pick touchdowns. I'm finally admitting defeat when it comes to trying to get a 4 TD game out of Drew Brees, so I'm sliding one Peyton Manning Sr. into this spot. Here's the case: Genius Manning has had 2 weeks to prepare for a Cardinals team that is about league average against the pass and dominant against the run. With Montee Ball struggling, I think this is the week Peyton and company come out with a vintage 40 point performance where Demaryius Thomas is flexing his biceps while Peyton points to him determinedly.

Is it nice to be able to read articles written by someone who can predict the future? What's that you say? I've screwed up like all of my other QB touchdown picks? Well, leave me alone. Where was I? Right. Touchdowns. Basically nothing has changed for Manning this week. Montee Ball got injured, presumably making the Denver rushing game less enticing, and the Jets are put together much in the same way the Cardinals are defensively. Back to back huge games from Manning here - count on it.

Jay Cutler
The second QB slot was a lot trickier, for me. I turn to Cutler because he's up against the porous Atlanta defense, but there's actually more to it than that. The Bears have thrown the ball in the red zone a staggering 75% of the time they've been down there this season, and Forte's usage in the passing game seems to be essentially replacing the Chicago run game. With 2 great end zone targets in Marshall and Bennett and the emergence of Forte as a modern Marshall Faulk (at least in how they're using him right now), I think Cutler is as good a bet as any for a nice touch down game.


All purpose yards

Another category where we crushed last week, and frankly, not a lot has changed. Here's what we wrote:

Le'Veon Bell
Bell has put up more than 100 all purpose yards every game this season, and that's including teams who actually field 11 players on defense. In week 5 he'll face the Jaguars, who have allowed the most passing yards and the 5th most rushing yards of any team this season. Bell has emerged has more than just a workhorse guy, averaging 5.3 yards per carry (flipping last year's 3.5 YPC), and I think he racks up huge yardage en route to an easy Steelers win.

The news gets a little worse for Bell this week, as the Browns are a vaunted 21st against the run instead of dead last like the Jags. But again, Bell has put up 100+ yards every single week, and I don't see why that will change as long as he continues to be featured so prominently in the Steelers' offense.

And then there's Matt Forte. Again, here's what we wrote in our week 5 scorestreak picks:

Matt Forte
He's back! Both in this article, and in the real life sense as well. Forte is cut from the same cloth as this year's LeVeon Bell, who tortured the Panthers for 143 all purpose yards in his tilt against them. The Panthers, for all of their defensive reputation, have been just awful against the run this year, allowing the 5th most yards to opposing running games. Forte is back to seeing a huge volume of touches, and with his talent in that scheme, there's hardly a ceiling for what he can do.

Forte's situation actually gets BETTER this week, if that's possible. The Falcons have allowed the 3rd most rushing yards in the league, and the Bears seem content to give Forte the ball a billion times as long as the game is anywhere close to competitive. The guy is 8th the NFL in carries, and 2nd in receptions. And not for running backs. For everyone. Easy play in either slot this week.



Whew, here's a category where I really blew it last week - giving you Antonio Brown and Jimmy Graham. I don't blame myself, though. Don't worry!

Julio Jones
When you've got the chance to grab the guy who leads the league in receptions and targets, it usually makes sense to do so unless there's a great reason not to. The Bears are no such reason not to. And those who were concerned about a healthy Roddy White were quieted after Jones saw 16 targets to White's 4 in week 5. Jones won't need 16 targets to be the league's best fantasy receiver going forward, and he should top the receptions charts so long as the Falcons' run game continues to flounder.

Jordy Nelson
Miami isn't an ideal place to play if you're going after receptions, as they've allowed just 228 yards per game in the air this year. So what gives with this recommendation? Well, Nelson was the league's receptions and targets leader until last week, when it was obvious the Packers were happy to get Eddie Lacy back on track in a blowout against the Vikings. If the game were anywhere near competitive, Nelson would have seen a heck of a lot more than 1 reception on 3 targets. That turns around this week as Rodgers feeds his #1 receiver plenty throughout the game.

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