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Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings 5/6/15

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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Chicago Bulls


The Bulls outplayed the Cavs in the first game of the series and really shone a light on how short-handed Cleveland was playing. Missing Kevin Love and J.R. Smith really had them struggling and though the game was close, the Bulls did seem in command especially late. Expect the Cavs to come back hard in game two, though I do wonder if they are just short the horses even with the two best skill players in the series in James and Kyrie.

The Bulls did what we expected in playing their starters heavy minutes, a Thibs tradition that is only highlighted more in the playoffs. Expect the same tonight.


Top Plays

Derrick Rose - FD 8100 DK 7500 DFSTR 6000
He was fantastic in game one thanks to him going out and jacking up 26 shots. That kind of volume isn't something you are going to see out of many players at this stage and yet he just kept putting it up there on his way to a 25/5/5 line. Expect more of the same here as the Cavs haven't defended the point really at all all season. This is Rose's team and judging by the Game 1 performance you can expect him to do more of the same from a shots attempted standpoint.

LeBron James - FD 11500 DK 11200 DFSTR 9200
On these short slates you aren't going to be able to play every superstar, but Lebron is the one you should lock your sites on. He played a million minutes in the first game and the Cavs are going to need him to do the same again tonight. He put up a fantastic line in Game 1 going 19/15/9 though the six turnovers were a problem. It's going to basically come down to you playing two huge money guys. Lebron is definitely not the one to fade.

Quick note: Kyrie Irving saw a price jump after game one and I don't know if I'm going back there at his tag.


Value Plays

Iman Shumpert - FD 5100 DK 4700 DFSTR 3600
Knew Shumpert was in line for a decent line with J.R. Smith and the afro-ed one delivered. He was huge for the Cavs and expect him to see the same amount of run tonight. I wouldn't expect him to shoot as much or as well, but with the minutes you can expect he is just about a must start.

Mike Dunleavy - FD 4200 DK 4900 DFSTR
Another guy we gave you as a great play before the first game and he was huge as well. Mirotic didn't really see the court and Dunleavy played close to forty minutes. Of course he shot 75% from three which isn't going to be the norm, but as with all the value plays on these slates, you simply want the guys who are coming cheap and will be on the court for long stretches.

Our system likes Joakim Noah as a play though he looked real rough in the first game. I do think the Bulls use him a bit different in this game so look for a bounce back. And finally Tristan Thompson saw the minutes but did almost nothing with them.


Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Clippers


Man, when Chris Paul was ruled out of Game 1 there was almost nothing that could have convinced me the Clippers had any shot in that game. I mean Austin Rivers was running the point in a Western Conference Semi-Final game for Doc's sake. It was unthinkable that a team, already short-handed because their bench is so atrocious would have any shot against Harden and company. And yet, they pulled it off. The Rockets looked very sloppy, sluggish and complacent early in the game when they probably could have put a dagger in LA. But the Clips hung tough and had a few things break their way. Deandre wasn't awful from the free throw line and the team shot 42% from three. Though I don't want to totally undersell this performance as the Clippers did crush them in the second half.

Chris Paul is again doubtful for this game and with the Clippers taking game one they might have afforded themselves getting CP3 an extra couple days of rest as they don't need to completely hit the panic button yet. I think game two will be interesting though I have to say, I'm still flummoxed by what went down in the first game.


Top Plays:

Blake Griffin - FD 11400 DK 10300
Well that was somewhat of a statement game wasn't it? Blake, at times, looked like he could just play the point if the Clips needed him to. That hyperbole of course, but the line was so near perfect at 26/14/13 that it did look like he could do anything he wanted. The Rockets had no answer for him and that's going to be the same story in this second game. I expected his volume to decrease without CP3 getting him in solid spots, but this was incorrect as well. He was a beast and I want to pair he and Lebron in lineups tonight where I can.

Dwight Howard - FD 8800 DK 8200 DFSTR 6700
Our system has he and DeAndre just about tied in expectation but I'm going with Dwight as Jordan wasn't able to do much in the shot department with the true point guard out of the picture. Dwight on the other hand pushed up to forty minutes on his way to a 22/10 line with five blocks thrown in. I wouldn't put him in the top of the bigger money plays as just about everyone listed above is more up my alley. But I do think the minutes are here to stay.

We suggested fading James Harden in game one and that bore out to some degree as he wasn't able to put up the same kinds of lines as the other big money guys on the slate. I'm suggesting a similar strategy tonight as, for the money, I'd rather have Lebron, Blake or Kyrie in my lineups.


Value Plays:

Austin Rivers - FD 3600 DK 2200
Jamal Crawford - FD 5100 DK 4500
These two handled a majority of the ball-handling duties with Paul out. Expect more of the same tonight. Rivers is just about a must play considering his role and punt prices. Meanwhile Crawford's shot volume always makes him a threat for a big line.

Jason Terry - FD 3000 DK 3700
Only on here because of the price and the minutes. He doesn't do a ton on the court, but he can help fit in another higher priced star if that's how you want to take your lineups.

Matt Barnes - FD 4300 DK 4400
Won't shoot like that again, but he's still going to be out there for most of the game with the Clips' bench so thin.

I think you can also take a shot on Terrence Jones in a tournament.

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