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Daily Fantasy NBA Basketball Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings - 4/20/16 Opening Round

Wednesday’s three game slate brings us increased options compared to the two played on Tuesday. Technically that’s 50% more, a great example of Mark Twain’s explanation of the increasing magnitude of falsehoods: lies, damn lies, and statistics. Just because there are more options doesn’t translate to many options, so there's still not a lot of margin for error. Even in cash games, lineups will be similar. This is when playing late-night cash games with reduced slates during the regular season pays off. As usual in the first round of the playoffs, the biggest concern is court time. Examining blowout risk is a major theme below.

Note that this article’s format changed when the playoffs started. Additionally, there won’t be a separate update article. Come back to this article throughout the day Wednesday and review the discussion in the comments below for updated information.

Good luck all, though the plan is that you’ll need less, armed with DFSR’s projections and analysis.


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Charlotte Hornets at Miami Heat


The series began with a 32-point rout for the Heat, and the game wasn’t even that close. The real issue here is whether Steve Clifford and the Hornets can make the necessary adjustments to be competitive, given the opportunity to dig in and focus on one team. Our friends offshore upped the line just a point to 5 ½. For DFS players, that suggests a closer game and tighter rotations. Reviewing both teams’ minutes shows a pattern fairly close to what we saw in the regular season. In turn, it's reasonable to expect typical fantasy production from each of the clubs' usual suspects.

Top Value Plays

Nicolas BatumNicolas Batum - FD 6900 DK 6600
Opponent - MIA
FD Proj. Pts - 35.61 DK Proj. Pts - 37.73

Nic Batum is the top SF on FanDuel (FD) and DraftKings (DK) on a Pts/$ basis. In a game that wasn’t even remotely close, he logged 40 minutes and put up a 5x. If the game is more competitive, he certainly won’t see fewer minutes. With good peripheral stats like steals (and 3-pointers on DK), he keeps a very high floor. He should be a solid cash play on both sites, and with his slightly lower price and favorable scoring on DK, he comes close to a must-play for me across the board.

Courtney LeeCourtney Lee - FD 3900 DK 3700
Opponent - MIA
FD Proj. Pts - 21.53 DK Proj. Pts - 22.84

The top Pts/$ value of the night on both sites, Courtney Lee is a very nice, reasonably priced option. He played 33 minutes and nearly got to 5x last game, and his price dropped. The DFSR system loves his production/price point combination, and someone at this salary level comes with an inherently high floor. There are plenty of places to spend money on Wednesday. Lee is a very safe, relatively cheap option who should find his way into all of your lineups.

Dwyane WadeDwyane Wade - FD 7400 DK 7000
Opponent - CHA
FD Proj. Pts - 34.92 DK Proj. Pts - 35.46

Dwyane (it always kills me to spell that) put up a workmanlike performance in Game 1. If anyone saw less court time because of the game script, it was him. A tighter game will see more run for Wade, and you know he wants the ball in his hands during the playoffs. Still capable of being an elite scorer and distributor, he remains the marquee player on a very well rounded Heat roster. I like the idea of stacking Lee and Wade on FD with the possibility of significant upside in a more competitive game. Despite the price bump on DK, Wade’s a solid Pts/$ option, and one of only two legitimate places to spend at SG. If the money is there, this is a good place to park it.

Joe JohnsonJoe Johnson - FD 4900 DK 4500
Opponent - CHA
FD Proj. Pts - 23.38 DK Proj. Pts - 25.45

The artist formerly known as Iso-Joe is yet another wing player from this game worthy of strong consideration. He has shed that label with the Heat, fitting in nicely with the team’s offensive structure. Johnson is another example of a high floor due to a relatively low salary, where hitting a couple from downtown gets you halfway to value. He is a particularly attractive bargain on DK, with his lower price and the bonus for the 3-ball. Perhaps most importantly, Johnson pops out of the DFSR projections both in this game and at the position. On FD you can pair him with Batum and keep your overall investment at SF to a reasonable level.

Consider Cody Zeller (low end) and Hassan Whiteside (high end) as alternatives at Center if you want to move off the chalk play (see the next game).

DFSR 705x90

Detroit Pistons at Cleveland Cavaliers


The Pistons played their hearts out in Game 1, and could have easily won. Despite that, Cleveland remains a double-digit favorite. A quick look at the box score will show that Detroit was unconscious from the floor by their standards, and there’s no reason to think that will hold up over time. If their shooting drops off and the Cavs maintain their intensity, this game could be the easier victory we all thought we’d see the first time around. It's still unlikely that the Pistons get blown off the court, so their key players’ minutes should remain safe. The DFSR projections also like the Cavs' Big 3 to get their minutes.

Top Value Plays

LeBron JamesLeBron James - FD 10500 DK 10500
Opponent - DET
FD Proj. Pts - 50.2 DK Proj. Pts - 52.2

Where else to start than here? With the funky playoff pricing structure, if you punt, you’re really punting, and you will have salary on your hands. The King is easily Wednesday’s costliest player, but he retains a good multiple because of his ridiculous playoff Usage rate. The games count now, so you’ll see him exerting his will when he sees fit. With Kyrie healthy he won’t dominate the ball, but it’ll still be in his hands for a good portion of the Cavs’ possessions. That leads to all the good counting stats we love in DFS. You can expect LeBron to be widely-owned for the night in cash games.

Kevin LoveKevin Love - FD 7300 DK 7400
Opponent - DET
FD Proj. Pts - 37.57 DK Proj. Pts - 40.21

Another Cavs star on this list, Love is the best Pts/$ alternative at PF on FD, and brings good value on DK as well. He put up a strong double-double in the first game of the series, hitting the boards hard. He also hit consistently from range. When he diversifies his game like that, he’s hard to defend. We can’t project another 7x, but the possibility is there, and expecting a 5x is pretty reasonable. He’s one of only two legitimate high-price alternatives at this position. If you want to spend at PF, this is the safest place to do so.

Andre DrummondAndre Drummond - FD 7800 DK 7200
Opponent - CLE
FD Proj. Pts - 42.89 DK Proj. Pts - 43.69

Andre Drummond puts up a double-double during player intros, giving him a hard floor every single night. When he turns his attention to defending as well as rebounding, the potential for a difference-making multiple is there as well. We mercifully only had to see him at the line twice, where he bested his season percentages and hit one of two! That suggests his activity level could rise further, and if it does he could really pay off. The chalk play of the night, he’s your Center on FD. You really have to play him in all of your lineups on both sites.

Tobias HarrisTobias Harris - FD 6600 DK 5900
Opponent - CLE
FD Proj. Pts - 32.29 DK Proj. Pts - 33.88

A very attractive mid-tier PF option, Tobias Harris is essentially the Pts/$ play of the night on DK, and he’s near the top of the list on FD. You know he’ll get his usual haul of minutes. He simply goes out and puts up a 5x every night, so the floor is ridiculous. He makes a good Pistons stack with Drummond on both sites, and a nice game stack with Love if you pair them on FD. At the price on DK, he is pretty close to a must regardless of your roster construction.

Reggie JacksonReggie Jackson - FD 6600 DK 6500
Opponent - CLE
FD Proj. Pts - 34.79 DK Proj. Pts - 36.14

Reggie Jackson is the top Pts/$ PG on both sites, and it’s not even close on FD. He’s the leader of his team and plays every one of his mid-30s minutes like it’s his last. You can count on him to hit value, and we saw against Washington what can happen if he gets hot from downtown (that’d be a 9x). He’ll be in a lot of lineups, but this isn’t the place to differentiate. With his value and mid-level price, you really need to roster him. On FD, you can pair him with one of the elite-price options (see below) and the spending won’t be outrageous.

Keep an eye on Marcus Morris as a nice value opportunity on DK.


Portland Trailblazers at Los Angeles Clippers


Game 1 ended up as a laugher, but closer examination shows it was tight at intermission. The guard-centric Blazers went cold from outside during the second half, and the game went south. If Lillard and McCollum hit their shots, the deeper, better Clippers still won’t be able to run Portland off the court. The line remaining in single digits supports this idea. From the Clippers’ perspective, their three stars logged low-30s minutes despite some extra bench time towards the end of the contest. If Game 2 remains close throughout, look for high-30s minutes and some serious fantasy production.

Top Value Plays

Chris PaulChris Paul - FD 9800 DK 9600
Opponent - POR
FD Proj. Pts - 49.92 DK Proj. Pts - 52.06

Damian LillardDamian Lillard - FD 8400 DK 8400
Opponent - LAC
FD Proj. Pts - 41.94 DK Proj. Pts - 45.11

Those high-end PGs mentioned above can both be found in in this game. They’re projected for virtually identical Pts/$ output (behind Reggie Jackson and way ahead of everyone else). You should pair one of them with Jackson on FD (if you really don’t like Jackson, you could punt elsewhere, and run them both). If you’re making a choice, it mainly comes down to salary constraints. Paul has a slightly higher floor, while Lillard comes with a bit higher ceiling. I always like being able to spend big dollars and keep value, and these guys are your best choices to do so on Wednesday.

Blake GriffinBlake Griffin - FD 9300 DK 8200
Opponent - POR
FD Proj. Pts - 44.06 DK Proj. Pts - 44.73

Going back to the PF position, Mr. Kia is back and rounding into form. The Blazers really don’t have anyone who can move with him from the interior to the perimeter and back, so the ceiling here is really a function of how the Clippers distribute the ball and how Griffin continues to meld back into the offense. His salary is on the rise, but still hasn’t caught up to his production, particularly on DK where he’s an even better value than Love. If you want to spend up at PF on DK, this is where you go.

J.J. RedickJ.J. Redick - FD 4500 DK 4700
Opponent - POR
FD Proj. Pts - 21.94 DK Proj. Pts - 24.79

And finally, returning to where we started on the wing, J.J. Redick is the second-best SG value on FD, and it’s not really a contest. You should pair him on the cheap with C. Lee and spend your money on the myriad options at other positions. On DK, despite the friendly scoring system, the DFSR projections show better value alternatives at SG. You only need one SG (Lee), so cramming Redick into your lineup there shouldn’t be a top priority. If your roster structure calls for it though, he’d certainly be a decent play.

On DK, think about C.J. McCollum, where his lower price really raises his Pts/$ value.



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108 Visitor Comments

  1. I didn’t use the optimal lineup last night gonna let it catch fire in the playoffs before I do, but used korver just because you guys recommended him in the bottom of the plays yesterday and hit 2 grand off 27 bucks. Got 7th out of 5300 people.

  2. Hey Kyle who do you like for bargain plays tonight?
    I saw you went with Randolph too, so we need to find the Randolph and Korver’s of tonight…

  3. I like Joe Johnson tonight didn’t play much the other night because of foul trouble so I’m guessing he gets a few more shots up tonight, I feel like he’s only going to be 20 to 30 percent owned also. Made that Randolph change from Duncan about 30 seconds before the game started so got a little lucky. Who are you liking tonight

    • Agree about Johnson. He’s in many optimal lineups as of now. Lee is reccomended and has low price point, as is/does Zeller. Take a look at Tristan Thompson as a cheaper PF option with likely lower ownership percentages (you’ll see a lot of Love, Harris, and Griffin I suspect).


  4. Lillard Henderson Johnson Griffin Drummond Batum Morris Jackson. Thoughts appreciated, had Kyrie in there with J rich not batum but switched after reading this morning.

  5. Having a hard time trying to figure out why Courtney lee got written up as a “safe” play when he’s only scored over 20 plus points on any site 2 twice out of his last 8 games? He’s not a big scorer and the offense certainly doesn’t move through him!

    • Agreed the game log isn’t spectacular. He’s showing up in every optimal lineup and the system has him with a very high floor. At sub$4k, a couple of threes on DK and he’s halfway to minimum value. Minutes look solid too. Price/opportunity.

  6. For tourney play i’m taking a hard look at Al Farouq Aminu. He should get 30+ minutes, $5,000 on DK, and he posted 33 fantasy points on 3-12 shooting in game 1. I didn’t watch the whole game, but from what I saw the Clippers seemed content to clog the paint and leave Aminu wide open on the perimeter. He responded by bricking a ton of threes. If he can shoot the three at 35-40%, he could be in line for a big night.

  7. it is great when you actually get to watch the games. Cavs Detroit game I played Tristan Thompson and wont again all playoffs I don’t think he stepped on the court at all in the 4th 30min great! only 6rebounds 2 assist and 1-1 shooting for 2 points. whenever he is on the court he will always be the 5th scoring option especially with the fact he only runs with the starters and not the second unit limited value his ceiling in my opinion would be 15 points to hit value at 3x

    • Yeh Thompson doesn’t do well against true centers like Drummond.

  8. Im rolling with aminu on FD as well at 5500 for my gpps

  9. Anyone know why Channing Frye played 41 minutes in game 1 against Detroit? and if he will do it again?

    • That was the regular season finale when majority of starters rested. I don’t think he stepped on court in game 1.

  10. What is everyone thinking about centers. It seems like you have to pay up for either Whiteside, Drummond or Jordan. I’m leaning towards Jordan with Portland being weak at center.

  11. Kyrie Irving and Josh Richardson thoughts?

  12. I have Kyrie instead of Lillard. I’m trying to fit CP in instead but it’s just very hard to do tonight when you have to pay up at C, Lebron, and probably a PF

  13. Yeah that’s the problem trying to keep the lineup balanced. Trying not to have any duds that is

  14. Optimizer telling me to roster Courtney lee and Tristan Thompson. Won’t be doing that because I actually want to win money, not lose more of it

    • Source? Don’t see that Kylie is out anywhere

      • I’m doubting this. Have not seen the slightest indication anywhere that he could sit. Been checking rotoworld, rotogrinders and basketballmonster over the last 15 or 20 minutes since that post was made. Still nothing. I got excited for a second, thought i’d be able to lock LeBron, Love and Delly and have a good chunk of my roster set. But, alas, i think it’s BS.

  15. Playoffs! LeBron should be a lock, right?

  16. Rotowire says kyrie out (rest)

    • I have to believe that’s a leftover piece of news from when he sat out the final regular season game. Would be absolutely shocked if he/the team decided he should rest game 2 of a playoff series. Just no way that happens unless he has an injury we don’t know about.

  17. Kyrie is NOT OUT. whoever thinks theyre breaking news is just clouding things up. double check your crap before posting injury news.

  18. That is from the last game of the season Charlie today is 4 20 that is from 4 13

  19. Kyrie Irving – G – Cavaliers

    Updating a previous item, Kyrie Irving (rest) will not play against the Pistons on Wednesday.
    Well, there is the final update on Irving. Matthew Dellavedova should get most of the point guard minutes tonight and plenty of shots, too. Expect to see some Jordan McRae at the point tonight.

    • Correct, and the last piece of information from that same post. Right after the period on the end of the word tonight. “Apr 13 – 6:57 PM”

  20. i think that is old news yous are reading.

  21. Who would u take Jeff green or justise winslow

    • I go Winslow but i suck at this game. He’ll get more minutes and can get some defensive stats. Jeff Green is kind of worthless now that Blake is back, in my opinion at least. He’s scoring dependent, and is a very inconsistent scorer who will be coming off the bench alongside the 6th man of the year award winner, and notorious shot chucker, Jamaal Crawford. But again, i suck at daily fantasy basketball.

      Definitely risky, but a guy i’m playing in that price range is Stanley Johnson. He’s the best defender on their team and i’m betting he picks up 20-25 minutes to guard LeBron. I think his upside is a little better than those other two, but possibly a lower floor (though i don’t know, Jeff Green might rival him on the low floor part).

  22. I think you people are enjoying 4/20 a bit too much

  23. Lee is very risky……I have had him in 7 or 8 lineups this season and he was a disgrace in all but one……granted he really came through 1 time……proceed with caution.

  24. After what Reid put I think Stanley Johnson is a good play at that price

    • Like i said i’m playing him in a couple lineups (I’m GPP only at the moment, can’t seem to cash often enough to make 50/50’s worth it), but he’s risky for sure. Just want to be clear that you should have an appetite for risk if you go Johnson. Though if you are going Winslow anyway, you are taking risk…. Totally within reason that Johnson sees 20-25 minutes but still finishes with <15 fantasy points. Winslow should get more minutes than Johnson (i see him in the 25-30 range, vs 20-25 range for Johnson – which again is kind of speculative since i'm assuming he sees a bump today to guard LeBron), but he's similar in that he is a low pts/minute guy. So, if you buy into my narrative on Johnson, he and Winslow are probably similar in terms of average output, with a slightly higher floor for Winslow and slightly higher ceiling for Johnson.

      Ok i'll stop rambling now. Good luck with your decision Tyrone.

  25. Seriously. Maybe this is why some folks are having bad days on DFS. Read the dates folks. 4/20 is having a field day with some of you guys

  26. Frye? Played 40 minutes last game with 30 fantasy points

    • Morgan do your research…and READ what people say in comments that question was answered at least two times fyre had 41 minutes in a regular season game

  27. How foolish do you have to be to think that Irving would be out because of rest in the 2ND game of the playoffs? Get a clue!

  28. Frye did not play 40 minutes last game! That was last game of regular season when everybody was rested!

  29. ed davis as a punt anyone? Should see 20 minutes again, thoughts?

  30. Optimizer has been,really crappy so,far for playoffs hope tonight is different

  31. Stop commenting on 4/20 haha. Weed smokers, smoke EVERYDAY. Smoked yesterday, today & will tomorrow. Today is nothing special. Some may smoke more but for regular smokers it changes nothing. If you can tell someone is high via text, then they’re lightweights & disregard them til 4/21 haha. Let’s stick to lineup advice & discussion. DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT a lineup expert, & I smoke weed eryday haha (but it does not effect my judgment) however, Play of the Night: Al Farouq Aminu. Best Cheap Player – Ian Shumpert – He will see 20m or more, his D is needed for the backcourt, his size & toughness will keep him on the floor as a 6th man during rotations, per the readings I’ve find today. Also Stanley J might b an ok pickup too, either way for both their price is cheap as hell & if they put up 15 pts, they pay off. Love or Blake is my dilemma, I feel 1 is gon have a huge night, & 1 a dud. Idk which tho. Thoughts? I think Blake has a better shot at more minutes for several reasons, but sometimes Love just puts up crazy stats in 25m, idk, tough one. I have them both I altered each in each of my lineups. What do you think Bron Brons ownership % will b in tournaments tonight? Over/Under 60%… Too bad we couldn’t start a 50/50 on that while we wait haha. I say slightly over 60, like 63%. Anyway, I’ll stop typing, Good luck tonight eryone, may we all walk away with some winnings! Remember… Aminu! Don’t sleep on him tonight.

    • Agree on Aminu.

      As for Blake / Love, if you are on DK (where i play) you have to go Blake. This is the last time we see him below $9,000 (ok, maybe he’s like $8,900 next game, but you get the idea). Can’t pass on that opportunity. If you are on FD, then never mind, tough call.

      My favorite GPP lineup so far

      R. Jackson
      N. Batum
      A. Aminu
      B. Griffin
      H. Whiteside
      C. Lee
      E. Davis
      A. Drummond

      Not psyched on Lee / Davis, but will close my eyes and let it roll because i think the rest of those guys have big games tonight. Thought about dropping Ed to Stanley Johnson, in order to upgrade Lee, but that only bought me enough to get JR Smith. Think i’ll take my chances on Lee…. Or should i go JR/Stanley? Blaze on.

      • That’s very similar to mine Reid minus the Blazers.. And I’m from Portland lol

        • Thanks, appreciate the input. Good luck with your Blazers tonight.

  32. Aminu agreeeeeee . Don’t be scared of MoHark though

  33. No way winning gpp has Lebron in it unless he scores 60 or more FP …. Just too many other options that are a little less if not a lot less that will allow you to build a better lineup – AND – Lebron ownership gonna be well north of 60 maybe even 70%

  34. I’m getting a little worried on my point guard positions as i have Chris Paul in every lineup on both FD and DK. I’ve taken every advice on here and the recommendations from Ben and others above, like Aminu. What you guys think of CP3 in all lineups?

  35. I honestly think lebron usage will be pretty high tonight not sure how you can fade bron when he’s capable of putting up 50

    • Top optimizer looks the same to me as it did a few hours ago. DK optimizer, that is. Are you able to divulge what was adjusted?

  36. Doug…what changed? i just spent over an hour putting together my lineups on FD and DK.

    • A couple of minor minutes adjustments. Nothing major but it seems to have shifted around a couple of parts. Aminu down some and Thompson down just a tick off of formulas. There may have been some other pieces that moved a bit in the background coming from a variety of sources.

  37. MrJinx, I have CP in about 50 percent of my lineups and feel confident in that. I felt like Isiah Thomas wasn’t a good fit last night and although I left him in several of those line ups, I removed him from all others and was glad I did.

  38. LeBron is an automatic. Kind of like that free space on a bingo card. If you DON’T have him rostered, you are likely giving up ground no matter how highly owned he is. He’s a staple tonight.

  39. I saw justice added to a few of the optimizer lineups. Along with wade showing up a bit more

  40. Anyone using Mason Plumlee? Think he’s worth using?

  41. If youre playing GPP’s . You almost HAVE to field one lineup without lebron in it

  42. For cash on fanduel I went :
    Joe Johnson
    To me that’s way better than what optimizer has been spitting out today. We shall see I guess

  43. In GPP I do agree with you there Ben, to a certain degree. There are a couple of other picks you use that may likely equal or better his production as opposed to having to roster several tier 3 players. I went without LJ on one and actually have Dragon, Kyrie, Wade, Batum and Deng. Under the circumstances I think they all have a decent chance of putting up stellar numbers tonight.

  44. Are the game logs gonna get updated?!?!

  45. Plumlee is gonna struggle this entire series with Blake & Jordan

  46. I tried using Plumlee in Game 1, but that was a poor experiment. With Jordan on the floor, I don’t think he’s going to have many chances. It’s just a poor match up to me and spending up at the position makes more sense.

  47. anyone trusting henderson tonight?

  48. I have Henderson in one LU on FD. That last game could have been an exception and I think there may be some better options out there tonight.

  49. I do think Plumlee is a better pick than zeller

  50. Dragic, Jackson, wade, Caldwell pope, Batum, Iso joe, love, griffin, Plumlee…. Thoughts?

  51. I am using Henderson in a pure punt play situation

  52. Really frustrating to make picks these days. I really miss the regular season when no one bothered to play defense and time on court meant points on Fantasy. I actually saw in one of the earlier games a full court press! Doug…seems to me that the optimizer needs some additional factors for the playoffs that aren’t needed during the regular season.

  53. Should be interesting. Crunched my numbers and put together a FanDuel lineup and then ran the optimizer and they couldn’t be more different.

    Best of luck to everyone tonight… $$$$$ time 🙂

  54. beware of the following FD lineup………what I mean by that is you probably will want to stay clear of it. I have been getting destroyed in these playoffs……….I mean real, honest-to-goodness, old-fashioned ass whuppins…….the kind that have come close to shutting me down until next season…………..please, for goodness sake, run far from this……..


    oh, it’s gonna hurt tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • and I cannot believe I am trusting lee again…………….I must be losing my mind

  55. Jim…. I usually have totally different lineups than you and i always do pretty decent…. tonight , I have that exact same lineup…… either means i am going to get my ass whooped or your finally gonna win some decent cash…..

  56. I faded Lebron and CP. Yikes I don’t like this

  57. WOW!!!!!!!!!! could go either way Jesse……………let’s hope for the best………………..”gulp”

  58. 1 quarter down……..

    Lee on track for 4
    Johnson on track for 10
    Batum on track for 34.4
    Wade (against Lees awesome defense) on track for 53.6

    and here we go Jesse

  59. Is Whiteside in foul trouble? I’m at work so I’m not watching tonight’s games 🙁

  60. 2 quarters down……………..

    Lee on track for 5
    Johnson on track for 12
    Batum on track for 35
    Wade on track for 51.8

    can somebody please tell me what the hell Courtney lee does on the court and what the hell he is doing ON the court and why he is written up as a good fantasy pick up (or punt play)?

  61. 3 quarters down………………..

    Lee on track for 12.9
    Johnson on track for 15.9
    Batum on track for 26.3
    Wade on track for 51.6

    Note; wade is not in me and Jesses lineup I am just watching him to show lee is worthless

  62. Drummond… The optimizer killer!! He won’t see mor than 18 FP if CLE goes small ball. Not even rebounding this game!

    • I knew I should have went with Jordan……….I had enough money for him too…..I’ve got to stop reading the write ups and just go with the gut in the playoffs I think………..thoughts anyone?

  63. im doing ok on a couple of lineups, but yeah, lee is crap

  64. Anyone who actually watches the NBA knows lee never contributes much of anything. You can play 35 mins but if you suck you aren’t gonna do much. That’s why you can’t trust the optimizer 100% I’m constantly swapping out at least two players from its best lineup nightly, and I cash by doing that. Never play bad players just because a computer tells you to

  65. thanks Tom……….I will take that to heart………..starting tomorrow

  66. not watching the game but assume batum got hurt………..that’s just bad luck right?

    • Yeah he got hurt. The rest of my lineup is going off. Killed me

  67. 4 quarters down……………..

    Lee with 19.8……5x
    Johnson SUCKS…12.9
    Batum injured…..19.9

    here’s the way I still see it…….with Batum out…..Lee and Johnson should have both excelled………he is weak……..and FIRED!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Funny thing is looks like the optimizer would have cashed in the 50/50’s.

  69. It’s gonna be close. Can’t believe it if it does cash 50/50, but I’ll take it

  70. Please remove Ed Davis from the optimizer equations!! Can’t do much seeing single digit minutes every night!!

  71. Opti isn’t cashing unless I locked the wrong one ? Are you guys cashing

  72. I haven’t cashed in NBA with the optimizer yet. At this point I’m actually at a deficit when you factor in the cost of it / playing lineups with it. Does decent for mlb cash, but I was doing better with NBA using this site and other sites write ups for free. Another case of if its too good to be true, it absolutely is. Trusting my gut from here on out. All set with the NBA optimizer

  73. Who again said Plumlee wouldnt do anything this series? My $750 from tonight says otherwise! Thanks to the Plumster!

  74. Hey Nicholas, I’ve not cashed during playoffs using LO. Cashed once making some tweaks. That said, it was pretty solid last few weeks of the reg season.

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