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Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings - 8/13/16


Welcome to Saturday baseball! We have a 4 game mini slate to go along with a big main game main slate on our hands with some aces and a few offenses in great spots to put up some runs. Make sure to check out our other articles as they will touch on more pitching options, tournament stacks and any weather concerns that may arise. Let's get into the top options at each position!

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Masahiro TanakaMasahiro Tanaka FD 9100 DK 9100
Opponent - TB (Andriese) Park - @NYY
FD - 34.5 DK - 23.09

Starting us off on the early slate, we are going to look at Masahiro Tanaka. Tanaka and the Yankees will be taking on the Tampa Bay Rays, a team that has struggled against right handers. The Rays have held the 3rd highest K% against righties in the league with a 24.3% rate that is backed up by a .726 OPS and .313 wOBA. Tanaka on the other hand, has been great against both lefties and righties with a combined wOBA of .272 that is supported by very strong peripherals and batted ball rates. While the park isn't great, Tanaka has shown the ability to pitch in Yankees Stadium. Tanaka is going to be my top option in both cash games and tournaments.

Jacob deGromJacob deGrom FD 10800 DK 12200
Opponent - SD (Cosart) Park - @NYM
FD - 42.23 DK - 27.71

On the late slate, deGrom is going to be the top option on the board, and it really isn't too close. deGrom and the Mets will be taking on the San Diego Padres, which is undoubtedly one of the worst teams in the league. In 3200 plate appearances, the Padres have sported a .293 wOBA that is backed up by a 24.3% hard contact rate and a .677 OPS. deGrom, however, has been great against right handers with a .291 wOBA that is supported by a 3.25 xFIP. The Mets will be staying home in Citi Field, a ballpark is is extremely pitcher friendly. While there are definitely some other guys to target, deGrom is going to be my favorite option in both cash games and tournaments.

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Brian McCannBrian McCann FD 2800 DK 3500
Opponent - TB (Andriese) Park - @NYY
FD - 9.92 DK - 7.44

Brian McCann, while sometimes rough to roster, can pay off huge against righties. Against righties, McCann has sported a .327 wOBA to go along with a .753 OPS and a 35.3% hard contact rate. The Yankees will be taking on a young righty in Matt Andriese, who has had his fair share of trouble against left handers. Since 2015, Andriese has exhibited a .353 wOBA that can be held up by all of his peripherals and batted ball rates. While there are plenty of cheap guys to consider, McCann is my favorite. While he is usually known as a tournament only guy, he is a cash game option for me today.

Jonathan LucroyJonathan Lucroy FD 3600 DK 4700
Opponent - DET (Boyd) Park - @TEX
FD - 11.49 DK - 8.97

Lucroy belted 2 homers yesterday against Anibal Sanchez and will look to continue the production here against Matt Boyd. While Lucroy has been better against right handers this year, he has been historically better against southpaws over the course of their career. Boyd on the other hand, has struggled against righties with a .336 wOBA that is backed up by a 4.46 xFIP and a 36% hard contact rate. This game will be taking place in The Globe Life Park in Arlington, which is one of the best parks in the league for right handed power. While he is expensive, he just might be worth it at a price that lacks both safety and upside.



Mark TeixeiraMark Teixeira FD 2700 DK 3300
Opponent - TB (Andriese) Park - @NYY
FD - 9.38 DK - 7.05

Whew, first base is very tough on the early slate. For that reason, Teixeira is going to be our top option. Tex is sitting very cheap on both FD and DK, which makes me comfortable with him in both cash games and tournaments. Like I mentioned with Brian McCann, Matt Andriese has struggled against lefties. Yankee Stadium is one of the best stadiums in the league for left handed power, as it possesses a 314 short porch in right field. Though Rizzo is probably a better cash game play, I don't mind Teixeira is all format, across the board.

Freddie FreemanFreddie Freeman FD 3600 DK 5000
Opponent - WSH (Lopez) Park - @WSH
FD - 10.99 DK - 8.44

Freddie Freeman is the top option at first base, though you can also consider Jose Abreu and Joey Votto. The Braves will be taking on the Nats and Reynaldo Lopez, a right hander that has struggled quite a bit. With a combined wOBA of nearly .400 and an xFIP over 4, you can be assured that Reynaldo Lopez is no ace. Freeman has been one of the best hitters against righties over the last couple years with a .372 wOBA that is supported by a 37% hard contact rate and a .787 ISO. While there are quite a few options, Freeman is sitting at the top of the hill.

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Josh HarrisonJosh Harrison FD 2600 DK 2900
Opponent - LAD (McCarthy) Park - @LAD
FD - 8.54 DK - 7.21

Second base is looking very bleak today on the early slate which is going to leave us with Josh Harrison. Harrison has been a pretty good against right handers since 2013 with a ,329 wOBA that is backed up by plenty of peripheral stats. While Brandon McCarthy is a pretty good pitcher, he did struggle against righties in 2014 with a .353 wOBA. While there are a couple other second basemen to consider, Harrison is going to be my favorite. Though Dodgers Stadium isn't great for hitters, it is much better during the day when Los Angeles is burning hot and humid.

Scooter GennettScooter Gennett FD 3300 DK 3500
Opponent - CIN (Straily) Park - @MIL
FD - 10.31 DK - 8.37

Second basemen is much better on the late slate, though there is not a single guy that stands way over the rest. Gennett has been absolutely terrific against righties, and will be the top option on the slate. In over 1000 plate appearances, Gennett has sported a .337 wOBA that was backed up by a 34% hard contact rate and a 109 wRC+. The Brewers will be taking on an average right hander in Dan Straily that has struggled against lefties over the last couple years. Though Miller Park is better for righties, it is still much above average for left handed power.



Corey SeagerCorey Seager FD 3900 DK 5000
Opponent - PIT (Cole) Park - @LAD
FD - 10.22 DK - 7.98

While I am not going to go out and target Gerrit Cole, Seager is really the only guy I am willing to play at shortstop on the early slate. While Cole is definitely a very good pitcher, he has struggled a little bit against lefties over the last couple years and can be taken advantage of. Seager has been absolutely dominant against right handers over the past season with a crazy .398 wOBA that is supported by a 154 wRC+ and a 39.7% hard contact rate. While he is certainly in a tough match up, Seager's talent outweighs everything else.

Xander BogaertsXander Bogaerts FD 3900 DK 3800
Opponent - ARI (Bradley) Park - @BOS
FD - 11.67 DK - 9.37

While this is the first Red Sox bat I have mentioned, they are in a great spot here against Archie Bradley in hitter friendly Fenway Park. Bogaerts has been phenomenal against right handers in 2016 with a .356 wOBA that is held up by very strong peripherals and batted ball rates. While Bradley is a decent pitcher, he has struggled against righties with a 36% hard contact rate and a .346 wOBA allowed. Though better against lefties, Bogaerts still makes for a great play in both cash games and tournaments.



Josh DonaldsonJosh Donaldson FD 3800 DK 5100
Opponent - HOU (McHugh) Park - @TOR
FD - 12.6 DK - 9.57

Josh Donaldson and the Toronto Blue Jays will be taking on Collin McHugh, a right handed finesse pitcher that has had some troubles on the season. Against righties specifically, McHugh has sported a .347 wOBA that is held up by a 34.7% hard contact rate. Donaldson on the other hand, has been dominant as ever against righties on the year with a rediculous .402 wOBA and 42% hard contact rate. The game will take place in the Rogers Centre, which is a top 10 park for right handed power. While Donaldson is extremely expensive, I think he will show his worth in this match up.

Jacob LambJacob Lamb FD 3200 DK 5300
Opponent - BOS (Buchholz) Park - @BOS
FD - 10.42 DK - 8.1

Jacob lamb is one of my favorite hitters in the league to roster as he consistently goes under owned and produces like crazy against righties. In 100 games against righties, Lamb has sported a .411 wOBA that is fully supported by a ludicrous 44% hard contact rate and a 26% HR/FB rate. For some unknown reason, the Red Sox are going to give Buchholz the spot start for Steven Wright, who was injured after diving into 2nd base. Buchholz has struggled mightily against lefties over the last couple years and there is no reason to think that he ha magically turned it around. Lamb is far and away my top option in all format, thought here are definitely other guys to consider.



Andrew McCutchenAndrew McCutchen FD 3100 DK 3500
Opponent - LAD (McCarthy) Park - @LAD
FD - 10.38 DK - 8.11

While McCutchen has definitely had a huge off year, he is still one of the best hitters in the league. Over the past 5 seasons, McCutchen has sported a .384 wOBA against righties and those numbers are obviously held up by plenty of batted ball rates and peripherals. Like I mentioned when talk about Josh Harrison, McCarthy has actually been worse against right handers over the past 3 seasons. While Dodgers Stadium is not good for hitters, McCutchen has hit plenty of homers in PNC Park, which is a lot worse for right handers.

Mookie BettsMookie Betts FD 4500 DK 5500
Opponent - ARI (Bradley) Park - @BOS
FD - 13.79 DK - 11.43

Mookie Betts is going to be our 2nd and last Red Sox bat, as they will be taking on a very average pitcher at home in Fenway Park, where they are absolutely unstoppable. While Betts was dinged up two nights ago, I expect him to be a full go in this one. Betts has demolished right handers on the ripe season with a .387 wOBA> Like I mentioned with Archie Bradley, he has been very mediocre and is someone you can take advantage of when given the correct situation. While I prefer Betts in cash games, he is very viable in tournaments as well.

Giancarlo StantonGiancarlo Stanton FD 3900 DK 4300
Opponent - CHW (Shields) Park - @MIA
FD - 13.9 DK - 10.48

Looking towards the late slate, Giancarlo Stanton is going to be my top option. The Marlins are projected to score over 5 runs and you have to think Stanton is going to play a big part of that. While much better against lefties, Stanton has been excellent against righties over the past 3 seasons. With an insane 45% hard contact rate and a .342 wOBA, Stanton has as much power as anyone in the league against righties. Shields, who was once a great pitcher, has fallen of a cliff this year and has exhibited plus .350 wOBA's against both righties and lefties. Though the ballpark isn't great, Stanton has the evident power to hit it out anywhere.

Mike TroutMike Trout FD 4400 DK 5600
Opponent - CLE (Clevinger) Park - @CLE
FD - 13.83 DK - 10.82
Kole CalhounKole Calhoun FD 3000 DK 4100
Opponent - CLE (Clevinger) Park - @CLE
FD - 10.46 DK - 8.14

Trout and Calhoun are going to finish us off here in the outfield. While these are the first Angels bats to be mentioned, the are good plays across the board in tournaments. My favorite of them all are going to be Cole Calhoun and Mike Trout, who both hit righties very well. Both Trout and Calhoun have sported +.370 wOBA's against righties with plenty of peripherals to back it up. Clevinger on the other hand, has struggled quite a bit against both sides of the plate and I don't expect him to turn it around anytime soon. While Trout is obviously the better player, they re very close when you consider the price.

So yeah, baseball season! And we've got some goodies you can take with you. At the end of the post, we have our MLB eBook that you really ought to check out before setting even a single daily fantasy MLB lineup. It's free, below.



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